My Crowning Glory


These are some of the products I used for my Crowning Glory, my Mane, to remain forever Afro-Delicious!!  Most of the Essential Oils I use on my hair can also be used on skin. African hair tends to be dry and if you live in a cold climate like New York the cold, wind, ice, sleet and snow can cause your hair to break.  Going from the extremes of ones heated home out into the freezing weather can damage ones tresses.  Wool hats are a no-no for Black hair as they wear away the edges and can pull our hair out. If you must wear a wool hat or any winter hat use a scarf or plastic conditioning cap to protect your hairline.  Also moisturize your hair at night by applying the oils, putting on a plastic conditioning cap which can be purchased in beauty supply stores or drug store, a silk wrap sleep cap or a scarf. When you wake up in the morning either wash or rinse out the excess oils.

Menopause can affect your hair adversely. It’s great that you no longer have a period but that hormone Estrogen is one of the things that keeps the hair strong, glossy and growing. When I was young meaning prior to Menopause I had thick dense hair now my hair is still somewhat thick but not as dense. That’s why I must pay extra attention to my hair now that I’m older.

Like men many of my women friends have complained of breakage and thinning hair. You can combat this through keeping the hair moisturized and avoiding chemical perms, too tight braids, weaves and any styles that puts tension on the hair. I choose to wear my hair natural and only wear braids if I’m going to a function or for a special occasion. Most times it’s just easier for me to go to my barber and get my hair trimmed to get rid of the split ends which will also damage your hair.

Sometimes I do blow dry my hair because as it grows it tends to get tangled. I use blow dryer and a Denman hair brush or a wide tooth comb as I have a tight curl pattern of many small tight spirals.  The hair in the front and top of my head is not the same texture as the hair on the back of my head. The hair on the top and front is a looser curl pattern.

I watch a lot of Black Hair Care videos on YouTube. Black Women have a variety of hair types and textures. Black people are probably the most varied people on earth. We are a grand mosaic.

I also enjoy watching the hair care videos from Ladies in India not that I’m every gonna have their type hair but Indian Women use natural products that keep their hair healthy and strong. Despite the race and hair texture there is always something to learn.

Here are some of my healthy hair products.