Manic Panic Rock ‘ N ‘ Roll Red 

As many of my loyal readers already know I am a big fan of Manic Panic by Tish and Snooky.

For the past few months I’ve been rocking Manic Panic Vampire Red. This past week I received an email from Manic Panic telling me of a new shade of Red named Manic Panic Rock ‘ N ‘ Roll Red selling for only  $10 dollars. Naturally I ordered one jar and it came in the mail a few days ago.

I have applied this new shade of Red combined with the leftovers from the previous one.


Simply Red. Fiery Red Empress! High Voltage Duchess!  Shazam!

Do you notice any difference in my hair shade or color from Feb/March photo posts? Looking at these pics I do notice my hair has grown since I cut my hair in February. Now I’m just gonna let my Afro extend to the sky even though this will involve getting up close and personal relationship with my blow dryer since my hair tends to snag and tangle. As my hair continues to grow I might invest in the hand held steamer described in the below NappyFu Video.

Try to ignore the dark under eye circles. It has been a rough week at work. Not much sleep. I did put some Vitamin E Oil on my face which will hopefully get rid of the eye circles.

Any posts you might have missed can be found on my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy:  (Shameless Plug)

Anyway Please let me know what you think about my New Red Hair Color!!



Afro Rojo ~~ The Red African Queen
Afro Rojo ~~ The Red Queen
Pensive Goddess

Afro Rojo

My room-mate told me a joke! I was trying Not to Laugh!

Kinky Coiling Hair Care





30 thoughts on “Manic Panic Rock ‘ N ‘ Roll Red 

    1. Thanks for your feedback!! Happy to hear from you! Glad you stopped by and enjoyed my photos! I Love experimenting with color and I would color it Purple but I don’t think my job would approve!! LOL!! 🙂 😀

    1. Thank you!! Manic Panic is Vegan hair color. It does not have that awful chemical smell like the hair colors you buy in the local drug store. I’d like to try something like Purple but that won’t fly at my workplace. Red is one of my favorite colors so I will stay within the Red family. Manic Panic was founded and still owned by two sisters Tish & Snooky who were formerly back up singers for Blondie (Deborah Harry) Also it is made right here in New York City. One day I will go to their headquarters in Astoria for a tour then report back to my Blogging Family.

      1. Ooooh, how fun. I started using manic panic early 90s I believe. Or late 80s? Love it. Haven’t used the red before from them. They have a purple I use to pastel out and tone my hair white with a shiny purple sheen, it’s awesome. hell i should do that again. you rock that hair!!! love it

  1. Enjoy the growing process of your hair. I am curious about how it will turn out. I am sure you must look beautiful with long hair. I mean, really long – like Diana Ross for example. And this all in your red color… wow!!

    1. When I had my hair loced what some people call dred locs my hair was down my back to my waist. Of course it grew long because when hair is locd you don’t comb it and it just grows. Of course when I had my hair like this I was younger and my hair grew quickly. Menopause gave me lots of hair problems which I must combat on a daily basis. That’s why I get Vitamin injections, drink liquid vitamins and I had to change my diet. Menopause has a bad effect on women’s hair, skin and nails. As for Diana Ross she was probably wearing wigs. Most female singers and entertainers either wear wigs, weaves or extensions. That’s not their real hair.

      1. Really? That wasn’t her real hair. I did not know. Yes, menopause is nasty on your hair. I experience that too. So that profile picture is from the time when you had dred locs. It looks very cool on you!

      2. Yes. I was 42 when that photo was taken. Later in Diana Ross career I’m sure she did wear her real hair from time to time but usually singing groups from the 60s & 70s were wearing wigs. In fact most female entertainers wear wigs, weaves or extensions to look better for the audience and the public. They need to portray an image.

      3. Oh, well, that’s part of their job in some way… but then again it is said that the don’t stand tall for who they are. Although many do…. and the number is growing!

      4. That’s true. However as we know especially with American entertainers a man can get fat, bald and ugly and still get great acting parts. Yet very few Women actresses over 40 get good acting parts. They tend to be cast as somebody’s Mama or Grandma. In the USA it’s like Women over 40 and worse after 50 don’t exist!! Men on the other hand are considered distinguished. Women are told to lose weight, get Botox or face-lifts. Since I work on the Upper East Side which is the Gold Coast of New York I see many society women. These are the very rich and wealthy. Those who live in $3 million dollar doormen apartments, have maids, chauffeurs and nannies. In the 9 years I’ve been working on that side of town I’ve seen more bad plastic surgery gone wrong and more weird botox faces plus the number of women getting their bodies fixed or trying to remain young increases!! Oddball city!!

      5. True but I will not give into that pressure. As long as I’m healthy that’s what makes me look good. Of course like most ladies I enjoy lipstick and eye make-up, and fixing my hair but my goal is to showcase my natural beauty. I’m nearly 60 and I’m happy and glad to be alive never mind being a beauty Queen!! LOL!! 🙂 😀

      6. Oh, I get you totally! And I am not willing to pretend being someone I am not! I will see how I think about it in 15 years but today that is my attitude… hehe!

    1. I started graying in my 30s but it stayed mostly in the front of my head so I was okay with it however when my whole head went gray when I was 52 then that gray had to go!! Red is my Fire color and matches my temperament.

  2. Fabulous hair! I’ve been trying to comment on a couple of older posts, but comments closed. I was offline. Serves me right for hiding away on a Zen retreat 😉

    1. Always Glad to hear from you!! Had to shorten the comment time on my posts so I can remain Zen from Trolls!! LOL!! Zen retreats are wonderful!! Years ago after my Dad passed away my girlfriend and I went on a Holistic Retreat at a place called the New Age Health Spa in upstate New York. They served great vegetarian meals from food grown in their garden. Fresh food. One could hike, take yoga classes or just sit and read in the cabins. No electronic devices were allowed. One of the best long weekends ever. I’m still trying to save up for a trip to Saratoga Springs, New York which is famous for its natural warm springs. Will let you know if I get up there either this summer or fall.

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