Birthday Diva in the House!!



Celebrate getting Older because Life is a Fantastic Voyage!  I am the Captain of My Voyage!


Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage Official Video



Pisces Birthday Diva Reigns and Rules

The Nails Have it!!


Okay Folks!! Time to hit the Dance Floor and Get Our Groove On!! Together Let’s Boogie and Trip the Light Fantastic!!


The Whispers – And The Beat Goes On Official Video


The Whispers – Rock Steady Official Video


Earth, Wind & Fire – Boogie Wonderland


The Brothers Johnson – Stomp!




19 thoughts on “Birthday Diva in the House!!

      1. Remember “Black Don’t Crack.” 🙂 Today I turn 58. Melanin is a wonderful thing. I Love being a Dark Skinned Sister. Also I took care of myself when I was younger. No smoking. Except Mary Jane. No drugs. Only social drinking and tried to get in as much exercise as possible. Keep in mind that everything that you do while you’re in your 20s & 30s will either reflect or come back to haunt you in your 50s.

      2. I’m black and I’m proud!!
        But ya I done all the drinking and various types of drugs so I’m f##ted. Lol! I’ve been clean 1year 1month and 27days 14hours and 45mins and 22seconds …. And I feel good… And look ahhh ok! So I hope you have a great day… Mary Jane !😎✊

      3. You’re still young and I’m glad you have a healthier lifestyle. God/Universe gives 2nd chances. Anyway you look pretty strong and healthy to me. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!! 🙂 All the Best!!

    1. As Working Ladies we give to the job and to our families. At least once a year on Our Birthdays we deserve to pamper ourselves. In fact the more we pamper ourselves and the more Me Time the happier we will be. My vacation begins Friday and I will spend a few days with my brother Stephen whom I Love dearly and then I will be resting and relaxing. ❤ 🙂 😀 ❤

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