Muslim Groups Raise Money for Portland Stabbing Heroes Ricky Best, Taliesin Namkai-Meche and Micah David-Cole Fletcher

There is a flicker of hope in the midst of evil. There are good caring compassionate people in this world.

13 thoughts on “Muslim Groups Raise Money for Portland Stabbing Heroes Ricky Best, Taliesin Namkai-Meche and Micah David-Cole Fletcher

    1. True. I’m to the point where I dread getting NY Times updates on my cell phone. Too many bad things happening. This is proof that people of different faiths can come together for good and to help one another.

      1. I’m glad for acts of kindness and grace but I’m cynical and jaded by nature. Working in security I am trained to look for people acting suspiciously. Most humans are evil and wicked by nature with rare times of compassion. I’ve seen the ugly side of people for so long that I’ve come to expect the worst in people and they don’t disappoint.

      2. cynthiahm

        That’s difficult to witness. I know with certainty that I could never do the work you do but it is important to keep the public safe. Thanks for doing the important work you do.

      3. Not only difficult but dangerous. You would not think working as a museum guard would be that way especially since our workplace is located in the Gold Coast/Upper East Side of New York where the rich and wealthy live. Last year I left the day shift to work nights. A couple of months ago my co-worker who works day shift was called the N-word then hit in the head with a glass bottle. He required stitches and was out for 2 weeks. Why? Because he told the guy not to touch the painting. The guy was trying to readjust the painting. Go figure but people do stupid things and when you tell them No or You can’t do that they can often become violent. Nutcase will probably go to prison for 15 years. That was one of the worse incidents. When I worked days many times I had to call for the supervisor or a male guard to come help me. Sexually harassment is real and ongoing. These Trust-Fund babies and rich old fools see a Woman of color in uniform and right away assume I’m either a sex worker/whore or a drug dealer. When help was not readily available then I threw the person out of the galleries. I think that the more money, power, privilege people have the worse they act. Happy to say I will be retiring in less than 2 years. Humans are assholes.

      4. cynthiahm

        I’m surprised and disheartened to hear all this. There’s too much fear and hate. I live on the opposite coast in Canada. I teach in a parent participation preschool. We try to get a diverse group of families to work together. There are challenges but I don’t have to be fearful when I go to work each day. I wish the world could change. I see positivity as the only way to move forward. We must try to understand one another and work together. I try to teach our children empathy compassion and cooperation. I see the preschool as a microcosm for society. Some schools are focused on measured outcomes but how can you measure empathy? It starts with children. They are our hope. We must do right by them.

  1. Thank you for sharing this, I live in Egypt. The people here are horrified when they read the tragic news which is almost daily. Good and evil are everywhere. People have to learn that Evil people follow no religion, they are inhumane, unfeeling, cold and cruel to say the least. People have to stop believing they are lost souls, because, they did not get lost.

    1. Evil people corrupt the religions they claim to follow. They are extremists and sadly there are extremists in every religion. Here in the USA we have the American Nazi Party, the Aryan Nation, and the KKK plus the Christian Identity Movement. These hate groups all claim to be followers of Jesus. Also just because you have a group of radicals killing in the name of God, good right living people get blamed for the actions of a few. This is a wicked world with a few exceptions of Grace.

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