There’s a Party Over Here!!


Let’s Get this Birthday Party Started!!

It Feels Great to be 58!!!!

Shirley Bassey – Get The Party Started (Official Video)


The Gap Band – Party Train



Make Your Own Kind of Music!!





Looking Great at age 58!!!

Celebrate (1975) – Three Dog Night

Kool & the Gang – Get Down On It



Kool & The Gang – Ladies Night


Missy Elliott – Work It (Official Video)



Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


No Scrubs Need Apply! Application: Denied!!

TLC – No Scrubs




30 thoughts on “There’s a Party Over Here!!

    1. Of Course we both know that “Black don’t Crack!” LOL!! Seriously being Dark Skinned is wonderful as you get older because those lines and wrinkles don’t stand a fighting chance against all this Melanin!! Flavor!! 🙂

      1. ronbrownx

        I know, my paternal Granddaddy looked like he was made by Hershey’s.

        Never had a wrinkle in his 75 years 😊

  1. mike7sedona

    Happy birthday! Age is just a number; you are as young as you feel – keep feeling young as the years roll on! 🙂

      1. mike7sedona

        You’re welcome! However joyful Sundays end leading to Mondays, but the promise of the forthcoming Weekend is what keeps you going – hope for the best and live on, for the best is yet to come! 🙂

      2. One day. For me my work week is Sunday to Thursday. I work as a night-time museum security guard so I do not keep normal hours or a normal schedule. I do what I must do and try not to have false expectations. I learned my lesson about that a long time ago. Now back to the real world grind. I’m on my way to work.

  2. Whoopwhoop!!! Happy Birthday again, Deborah!!! You are looking fantastic! Enjoy your special day. Sorry for popping in so late but had to work today. Anyway, have fun!!

    1. Thanks again. I understand. I too am a working lady but I arranged back in January to have my Birthday off. Tomorrow I return to work and the Good News is that my Vacation begins this Friday. I will be spending time with Stephen and relaxing. Always glad to see you and it’s never too late to put on your dancing shoes!! Hugs!! ❤ 🙂 😀 Happy Dance!!

      1. That’s absolutely true, Deborah! Yay! That’s wonderful that your vacation is so close. I am not surprised you are so excited and I am happy for you that you can enjoy your birthday that way. So … let’s dance 😆

      2. Great song. The guy glaring at Pia kinda looks like a young Patrick Swayze. The dancers are quite energetic. I don’t think my energy levels are up to them but I would get out on the floor for a few dance steps!

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