Share Your World – January 23, 2017


Share Your World – January 23, 2017

Share Your World – January 23, 2017


fruit-vs-fruit-juiceDo you prefer juice or fruit?

A difficult choice. Juice is more convenient because you can carry a bottle of juice with you and it is not messy to eat whereas with fresh fruit you’re peeling the fruit and creating a mess. On the other hand obviously fresh fruit is better because sugar is added to most juices unless you do home juicing of fresh fruit but that too is time consuming. So I’d say juice on the job ~~ fresh fruit at home.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

Big Town. The Big Apple. Yes I Love it. When I was younger and my Maternal Grandmother and Aunts were alive I used to visit them in Dayton, Ohio. Talk about boring. No I could never live in a rural or suburban community where there is nothing to do and you must drive everywhere. Despite my complaints about the New York City MTA for Non-Drivers like me our Transit system makes New York an excellent place to live.

If you were to paint a picture of your childhood, what colors would you use?

All the Colors of the Rainbow because for me childhood was pretty much carefree. Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange… anything bright. It is only when I got to adulthood that things became murky grays and muddiness.

Ways to Relax List: Make a list of what relaxes you and helps you feel calm.


Spending time with my brother Stephen who is an Awesome Autism Guy!! Hooray!!

Time with my cat Sylvester.


Photography in good weather.

Listening to music.

Watching videos/films/movies on Netflix and YouTube.

Going to any of New York City’s Botanic Gardens when the weather is good.

Hanging out in Central Park.

Spending time exploring the streets, places and faces of Harlem my Dad’s birthplace and where he grew up. Also one of the greatest and best Black History spots!!

Attending Cultural Events in New York.

Going to the beach even though I have not done this in years. With my work schedule virtually no time.

Visiting Museums other than the one that I work for!

Reading even though I’ve had to cut back because of problems with my eyesight.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 


Passed an exam and obtained a license required for my job.

As for the upcoming week perhaps I can go back to getting my B 12 shots. I had to stop because of meetings with my brother Stephen’s Group Home/Residence and his training center, then last Friday I had to take that professional exam. Since not receiving my B 12 shots I’ve noticed I’ve been more tired.  Self-care is so difficult because with my long hours at work and caring for Stephen my needs fall to the bottom of the list. Of course as you all know I Love my brother Stephen more than anything so I’m willing to sacrifice my time for his. He is more important. I always wonder about these folks who talk about Self-Care. They must not work, be retired, or are self-employed or just filthy rich!!


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9 thoughts on “Share Your World – January 23, 2017

  1. You are important and taking care of Stephen is important to you. So in the long run isn’t that taking care of yourself. Nice to see you this morning. Thanks.

    1. Stephen received good reports from both the Director of his Group Home Residence and from his teachers and instructors at his training center so it was worth not sleeping. I was overjoyed. I always tell Stephen that I Love him and he tells me he Loves me. Caregivers often take a back seat to the ones they care for. Therefore many things I should be doing in terms of my health do not get done but I’d rather put Stephen first than be selfish thinking only of myself.

    1. For me Sleeping and spending time with Stephen are the best! Sometimes when we are together we just chill out at home and other times we are out and about the city enjoying ourselves and having fun.

      1. I felt it clearly through whatever you posted regarding your brother. I can imagine he must be a very funny person to hang out with aside from being your brother!

  2. Your last comment about self care made me chuckle, although I know it is not a laughing matter. As for self-care when one is retired, one might think things get easier then, but it often is not the case, especially if the one who is retired, has responsibilities for caring for someone with needs, and may have some health or other needs herself.
    The botanical gardens and museums would be great places to visit. It must be so interesting to work in a museum. I guess it might depend on your responsibilities there.
    Congratulations for passing the exam!

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