Frozen for Adults ~~ Evil Attack Snowmen


This 2017 Nissan Rogue commercial is crazy funny. In fact as I’ve been flipping through YouTube there is a little game you can play where you either Dodge the Snowmen, Attack them and/or call for Reinforcements. Lots of Fun!!  Since I really loathe snow and Snowmen, except Frosty the Snowman but he’s a good guy, I was having the time of my life having the Nissan guys mow those Snowmen down especially that Mega-Snowman!

Get those Nasty Snowmen and Destroy Them!!!

Frozen for Adults ~~ Battle Style


Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye……


Since I’m on an Old Skool Music Kick. Let’s press that button on the Way Back Machine and continue our Journey down Memory Lane.  Time for more 8-Track Flashbacks!!

I had the opportunity to see The Manhattans on their Back to the World tour in Germany somewhere around 1978/79. The reason it was called The Back to the World Tour was the we soldiers in Germany always referred the the USA as “The World.”  Going back to the States was called going back to the World. Sometimes we referred to America as the Land of Round Door Knobs because the door knobs in Germany were all handles of some type. Anyway we all missed home and the United States of America was Home.

The Manhattans were Masters of the Slow Jams. Dancing slow. Holding your baby close. Grinding on the Dance floor. If only the moment could last forever but it Vanishes all too soon.

Was a Great Concert!!


The Manhattans – Kiss and Say Goodbye


The Manhattans – There’s No Me Without You


It Feels so Good to Be Loved so Bad















The Temptations


When I was about 8 years old my cousin took me and some family members to the Apollo in Harlem to see the Original Temptations and Four Tops perform.  I was so excited and on my feet for the entire concert!! Their smooth satin voices and the coordinated costumes and dance steps. Dig the Konkoline Pompadour! Woo hoo!!  Classic Songs for a Classic time period!!





This song is prophetic for America!!

Post-election blues

Tell it Brother!! The Emperor has No Clothes!!

Charles Ray's Ramblings

My artistic interpretation of some Trump voters now that we’re beginning to get a glimpse of what’s in store for the next four years. A cabinet dominated by mega-millionaires who will be more beholden to Wall Street and the companies that have been shipping jobs overseas (the Foreclosure King will be in charge of the Treasury), a President-elect who is now floating the idea that we’ll use US tax dollars to build his wall between the US and Mexico and get the Mexicans to pay later (this is the guy who is famous for not paying his own bills), and looming crises brought on by tweeting, ranting, and otherwise being a not-so-nice member of the world community.The image of someone sitting around naked, but pretending to be clothed in finery, was too much to resist. And, of course, we must not overlook the possible reaction from the man who started…

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Float On…………


When I saw this prompt the old Skool Back in the Day song by the Floaters came to mind. Growing up in the 60s and 70s songs were more about the message as well as the beat. This song is true romance. Guys always have a line but but some men can sweet talk you out of your clothes!! That Brother got game. He got some Rap!! Of course most women want more than that but its a nice start to a romantic evening or a Lifetime of Togetherness.

By the Way My African Brothers I’m a Pisces. What do you have for me? Is there Magic in your words? I’m Listening!

The Floaters – Float On – HQ


Long Version