We all come to a Crossing/Crossroads in Life where we face the realization of what Life is as opposed to what we would like or want our Lives to be.

Just when you think Okay I’m in a position to improve or when things are about to get better that’s when the Cosmos laughs and you experience a reversal of fortune. Previously I had blogged about my vacation goals for 2017. Well when I came home from work there was the wonderful monthly Con Edison (New York’s electric company) bill waiting for me.

Last month was lucky and the bill was None!! Hooray!! But alas celebrated too soon. When I opened the most recent bill the amount was over $400.00!!! OMG!! How in the world can the bill be that much when my room-mate and I are out working most of the time?!! I know Sylvester is not turning on lights unless my cat develops opposable thumbs when I leave the house!

Then there is the ongoing matter of trying to get Pro Bono Legal services so I can get Guardianship over my brother Stephen. A few weeks ago I saw a Legal referral phone number in the newspaper and called it yesterday trying to find a Guardianship lawyer. So I called the number which resulted in calling other phone numbers with the only result in being told that I must go to Surrogates Court in Queens (cause Queens is the borough Stephen lives) and hire a lawyer. As you all know lawyers cost big bucks so you know that in order to afford a lawyer and pay the electric bill I must put in extra hours of overtime.

Someone had said to me about feeding the soul and feeding the body. Feeding the Soul for me would be taking a vacation up to Saratoga Springs. I could use the change of scenery, rest and relaxation but as you all well know rest and sleep does not pay the rent, utility bills or pay lawyers.

As for vacation I can now easily get the time off since the Evening/Night Shifts are much more flexible.  My new bosses are very nice and as long as you have time accrued you get take it. So now I can get days off work but I can’t afford to go anywhere!!  Hmmm… What’s wrong with this picture? The money I was gonna put to my trip will now go to Con Edison and the lawyer once I locate one. In fact I will be spending my vacation in Surrogates Court as opposed to being in the nice, peaceful, relaxing atmosphere of upstate New York.

I will allow myself Feb. 27th which is my Birthday to relax and rest for that day then it’s back to the grind.  Pisces ~~ The two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Maybe that means I’m caught in an endless revolving circle. Moving but going nowhere.  I suppose once again as always I will accept and adjust.

I think that whenever you make plans the Universe plays a Cosmic joke on you.  So much for 2017 Vacation Plans! Up in Smoke!  Well that’s Life!