Red Forest Man Meets Yemaya Oshun


Red Forest Man

Who Came with me across the waters

Bury my chains

Some overboard return to Oshun Yemaya

Others to a strange land that kidnapped our bodies but not our souls

Red Forest Man

Skin hue Blood Red as though he were imbibing hot red Georgia clay

Black shining Hair sprouting from from his scalp like an untamed overgrown hedge

Burnished skin polishing up like a Fiery Cauldron flaying in the breeze

Berry stained

Berry Kist


Alien faiths forced upon Red and Black

Red Man Meet the Queen of All Gods and Goddesses

Red Man

Burnt Man

Red Man. Black Man. Burnt by the Son of God.

We step inside each others Reflections

The Border-less to which we shall return.

I was a bit slipping after a time of decay

Exposed in my gore

The Land Began to Reclaim it’s Own

I am Filled with Trees

Trees running rabid over raw Burgundy cuts

I am filled with Trees Ready to Burst forth with Dazzling Ruby Red Brilliant Blossoms


The People Have Spoken


Yemaya is the Yorùbá Orisha or Goddess of the living Ocean, considered the mother of all. She is the source of all the waters, including the rivers of western Africa, especially the River Ogun. Her name is a contraction of Yey Omo Eja, which means “Mother Whose Children are the Fish.”


Oshun is the Mother of the African sweet or fresh waters. In her form as the mother of salt waters, she is known as Yemaya. Like Egyptian Isis and later Greek Diana, Osun is the goddess of love and is widely beloved.


Yemaya II – Abbilona


Yemaya, Oya, Oshun, Shango @ Callejon de Hamel, la Habana 2016




Oshun III – Abbilona