Crippling effect of poverty

This post not only touched my heart but once again put many things in perspective. If anybody can reach out and help this woman and her children please do so. Thank you.

Mom's daily battle............

Poor people usually say “If your children have food to eat, a place to bath, a warm bed to sleep in and parents who love them, they’ll be happy” ….

Let me tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth, children are exposed to so much everyday, they are being teased at school, they suffer emotionally and poverty makes them distance themselves from society or they become bullies to get rid of all the pain of rejection from peers and everyday normal life and activities, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad for my three children because all three of them are introverts instead of bullies.

There’s a saying “Poverty takes up all of your time” and that is so true, because as a grown up or parent you are battling everyday to make ends meet, and you sometimes have to travel up and down just…

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