“I want more black women to feel beautiful just the way they are”: With inspiration from Mozambique, Ana Paula Xongani’s clothing line focuses on black beauty

Best strategy is to do for self. Don’t look for validation or acceptance from others. As Black Women especially Dark-Skinned Women we must Celebrate our Melaninated Beauty!!

Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: If you’ve been following news out of Black Brazil for any amount of time you must’ve noticed that there is a sort of ‘fever’ catching on among Afro-Brazilians. Particularly among entrepreneurs, this fever that continues to spread is leading more and more Afro-Brazilians to stop waiting on a market that seems intent on ignoring their existence, culture and particular tastes, doing for self and tapping into a segment of consumer that is starving to represent with African and Afro-Brazilian styles that proudly show off ancestral origins. Designer Ana Paula Xongani is one of the women leading the charge and judging from the piece below, it’s only a matter time before her business blows up! Much success to you Ana Paula, keep it movin’!!

“I’ve never straightened my hair”, says afro fashion designer

Get to know the story of Ana Paula Xongani, whose clothing brand…

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Share Your World – May 15, 2017



Share Your World – May 15, 2017


How many languages do you you speak?

One. English. I do speak Spanish but very badly. My Hispanic friends are always encouraging me to learn to speak better and are very willing to help me improve my Spanish.

What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating?

Dr. G. ~~ Medical Examiner.

What was the last photo you took with your phone?

Since I’m off this week I’m doing a cleanse. My stomach always seems to be bloated and distended so I’ve changed my eating habits plus I’m taking Metamucil.  The bloating causes lots of pain. In the past it has gotten so bad that I was hospitalized and being in the hospital is something I wish to avoid. Fortunately in 2016 I did not have to go to the hospital even once which was a real achievement.

What is your favorite time of day?

Anytime that I get to sleep. Seriously both daytime and nighttime have benefits.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I’m grateful to be on vacation so I can work on some issues with my brother Stephen’s Group Home Residence. I’m devoting my vacation time to finding answers and solutions for the ongoing issues at his Residence. This past Friday I attended an important meeting at Stephen’s Training Center.  More or less Vacation for me is just time off to work on all the other problems that I can’t fix while I’m at work. Actually my vacations tend to be working vacations. Going away does not enter into the picture.

Sad to say I don’t really think in terms of “grateful for” or “Looking Forward to” as the only thing that matters is what I gotta do to survive and to take care of my brother Stephen.  There are many things I’m grateful for but in my case I just put myself on Robot mode so I can take care of business.

In fact if possible I might call in to my supervisors to see if I can come into work for overtime. I need the money. Those terms are not options for me as I’m always either on my grind or putting out fires for responsibilities that nobody else can take care of except me.  My wants, desires, dreams and goals faded out of the picture long ago.  Real Life.









Heating Pads

Heating pads and Epsom Salt baths are my friends. I have back pain, arthritis, and joint pain therefore my heating pad has become one of my best buddies over the years.

New Beginnings

The Good Old Heating Pad. This is my #1 go-to to help me cope with my lower back pain. I have degenerative disc disease as well as a herniated disc located in my lumbar region. In the last 4 years I’ve gone through 3 heating pads. I remember the first time I used one. I was 15 years old and my mom heated it up for me because I was having such bad period cramps. It would end up being 14 years later before I found out that what I had been experiencing was not normal. Endometriosis.

Most of us old school chronic pain people know that a heating pad is a must. It can be the difference between a bad day and a really bad day. I can tell you this, no matter how broke I am, I’m going to have a heating pad even if something gets paid…

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