Therapeutic Bubble Bath aka The Relaxation Response

Nurt Thurs – Message for You

Therapeutic Bubble Bath aka The Relaxation Response


As one who has a bad back along with arthritis I find warm/hot baths help to ease the pain and help me to relax and unwind.  My job often requires me to be on my feet and even when I have the opportunity to sit those chairs located in the galleries are not always ergonomic.

Turn your bathroom into a spa. The ingredients I use in my Bubble bath along with the Bubbles are Epsom salts, Lavender Oil, Green Rubbing Alcohol (minty fresh) can be purchased at your local bodega/corner store or on Amazon.

Even though you see the Coconut Oil on my bathtub Do Not add the Coconut Oil to your bath water as it will clog the tub drain.

Apply the Coconut oil and/or African Shea Butter after your relaxing bath time.

Since Coconut oil solidifies at room temperature place the jar under hot water for a few minutes. Shea Butter is also solid so I warm mine in the microwave for a minute.

A few drops of Lavender Oil is a beneficial extra.

Soothing and Chillaxin’ Let your Bathtub become your BathRub’

Now Lean………..Back……………into your Vibe.


Nurt Thurs – Message for You


New York Today: How to Adopt a Pet –

Please adopt a pet and encourage friends and family to go to their local animal shelter and adopt a furry friend today. 

Thank you! 

This handsome kitty looks like my cat Sylvester. 

“Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Asshole’ Rule: Life’s Too Short To Work With Them”

“Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Asshole’ Rule: Life’s Too Short To Work With Them” @DariusForoux

Dismiss and Delete all the Assholes from your life.  Freedom from Dumbfuckery!