Widget Queen

I am the Widget Queen!!  Finally after months of seeing great apps on my Followers pages I figured out how to add them to my WP Page!! Yesss!!  Time for the Widget Dance!!  Espiritu en Fuego is now a better Blogging Experience!!  Hooray!!

Dancing Widgets
Dancing Widgets


6 thoughts on “Widget Queen

  1. here is your crown – or a heart at least – ha! ❤ ❤ – have fun with yours – and let me know if you want the link for the live traffic feed widget…. 🙂

    1. Thank you! The Queen of Hearts Reigns over her Queendom!! After months of puzzling all has been revealed to me, at least concerning Widgets!! LOL!! Happy Dance! Please send me the Link for the Live Traffic feed widget! I want to Step up my program for 2015!!

      1. well I think this is it – you go to widgets – and you will have to select the “text” option and then put this in (chat and past the following)

  2. adventuresofamiddleagedmom

    Congrats! You know that mastering “The Widget” is on my immediate “To Do List”. #babybloggerstruggles:((

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