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The last time that I was super Agile was back in my Army Days.  I was extremely agile and in excellent physical condition.  Anything that the Army demanded or need to do physically I could do it.  Those were my glory days.  Even after I got out of the Army in Nov. 1981 I was still in great shape. This continued well into my early 40s.  I did have the beginnings of arthritis but except for menstrual cramps and sometimes acne I was in fantastic condition.



During my late 30s and early 40s I had the strength and energy to earn my BA in English from Marymount Manhattan College.  I Was Powerful!!



Fast forward to Nov. 2008 — Stroke.  Actually I probably was having small strokes beginning at age 47.  My vision was off and but I still continued to drive and made believe that I was okay.  At the time I was unemployed so No health insurance therefore No doctors.  Jan. 2008 I started working at the museum and had a stroke while at work. My bosses forced me to go to the hospital. I lost most of the vision in my left eye. I won’t go into the ugly details.

This was the end of my Agility.

Either last week or two weeks ago I was nearly pushed down the subway steps.  This is one of my greatest fears since I have very poor depth perception. Usually when I get off the train I wait for the maddening crowds to go up the stairs first.  Actually this near fall down the subway steps occurred when I was going down the steps not up but either way I leave early for work then step to the side because people are always in a mad rush!  Also now I have shortness of breath so I need to rest before going up or down stairs/steps.

Over the years I’ve come to hate all stairs and steps.  My ideal dream would be to live in a place with just ramps or on one level.  The Aging process is slowly but surely taking away my ability to do the things I want to do.  Therefore the older I get the less I socialize and tend to stay home on weekends especially in the winter when falling is a major concern. Next month I’ll be 59 and I will be staying safe at home!

The Death of Agility.











18 thoughts on “Agile | The Daily Post

  1. Betcha Didn't know!

    Wow, you are an amazing woman. I enjoyed the pictures and taking a short journey through your life. I wish you health, love, and prosperity!

    1. Thanks. My health is declining but I do what I can. Hopefully I won’t fall down the subway stairs. I’ve had several close calls. I’ll be glad to retire so I don’t have risk my life every day.

      1. Betcha Didn't know!

        I can only imagine how scary that is, I pray that God gives you a piece of mind. Be safe💗🙏.

    1. I have no control over the stairs. I’m a security guard. No money. I make less than $20 an hour. Hopefully I won’t get pushed down the steps. It was a close call recently. Anyway I can’t drive so Florida is out of the question.

      1. Over the years I’ve dealt with this problem I’ve fallen, walked into stuff and nearly gotten hit by the city bus. It’s all part of the aging territory which means losing the ability to do what you did when you were younger. I no longer cry over spilled milk. If I fall I fall. Won’t be the first time.

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