She’s a Brick House


In the Black Community voluptuous curvy Women are celebrated. Think Dorothy Dandridge, Venus and Serena Williams or Beyonce.

I’m on the petite side but thankfully I’m not that 17 year old skinny minnie with the thigh gap any more.  As I’ve gotten older I have finally begun to put on some weight which makes me very happy. Most women want to lose weight but I’m happy to see those extra pounds when the doctors weigh me.  I welcome having more “Junk in my Trunk.”

However due to DNA I will always be on the small side. My Mom Mable Elizabeth Palmer pretty much weight 95 lbs all her adult life even after having two children. Lack of appetite was never a problem. My Mom cooked Soul Food as did all my female relatives and we chowed down. Like eye color, skin color, height etc… weight is pretty much predetermined. It is hereditary.  Both my parents were slim people and they had two thin children.  Of course now that Stephen and I are both past 50 headed towards 60 there are things that we can no longer eat.  But we both like to indulge every so often.

Funny story. My favorite supervisor at work Phil who retired last year marveled at the amount of food I used to consume during lunch at the Staff Cafeteria. When we first got to know each other he would walk by the table where I was sitting in total astonishment because I had at least $12.00 worth of food on my plate and had the nerve to go back for dessert!!  I guess he wondered how such a small woman could eat so much food and still stay slim!!

I do exercise. Mostly walking sometimes keeping my arms toned with free weights.  I enjoy hiking. Naturally housework is plenty of exercise in and of itself.  Osteoporosis runs on both my mothers and father’s side. My mother had it and so did at least one of my paternal aunts. This is Not something I want so I will keep up my somewhat limited fitness program and really go for the gusto once I retire Summer 2018.


The Commodores-Brick House

4 thoughts on “She’s a Brick House

  1. Unfortunate that Osteoporosis runs in both sides of your family, it is a debilitating illness as you get older, I always thought it was a Females illness until I was diagnosed many years back, tablets and a twice yearly injection keep it in control but there is no cure. Healthy living is the secret and you are already doing that.
    Kind regards.

    1. So far. So good. I will ask my GYN if I need to take a Bone Density test. In the meantime except for arthritis as James Brown would say, “I Feel Good! Like I know that I should!! Thanks Ian for your comments. I always enjoy hearing from you!! 🙂

  2. I smiled while reading this: “I’m on the petite side but thankfully I’m not that 17-year-old skinny minnie with the thigh gap any more.”

    I was in the grocery store the other day and ran into a guy I crossed paths with often years and years and years ago. He thought he was giving me a compliment by saying, “You still look like you’re 20!” I cringed, haha! I smiled and said, “Well, I’m not – I’m a grown 40,” with a serious, don’t play with me face.

    I love the skin I’m in now but there was a time when I was younger and wanted more weight, just as you mentioned in your post. –W38

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