Flexin’ In Her Complexion


Ten Year Old Girl Bullied by Teacher and students because of her Dark Complexion.




To All My Readers of African Descent Please Support this ten year old entrepreneur! Also to all my subscribers of Color I know that many of you can relate.  It is sad to see that Colorism is still going on in 2017. I had hoped those negatives would have been left behind because as a Dark-Skinned Woman who was a bullied dark-skinned little girl I know exactly how little Kheris felt. It was years even with my Dad’s support that I was able to accept and glory in all those God Given Melanin.  Now that I’m almost 60 I realize the truth of the statement, “Black Don’t Crack.”  No wrinkles. Very few lines.

I am also very Thankful for Lupita Nyong’o.  Dark Skin Ladies Let’s Celebrate our our Skin color and encourage our daughters and sons who face rejection.

Black is Beautiful. As my Dad used to tell me when the kids on the playground made fun of my dark skin, “The Blacker the Berry the Sweeter the Juice. If the berry too light it has no use.”

Kehris you are our 10 Year old African Goddess!!  ❤  We are Melaninated Queens and Goddesses!!

Lupita Nyong’o


DeBorah Teen Angel

School Days
Me. Easter 1964

Me in 1961
1961- A Very Good Year