Free Form ‘Fro


More Hair Experimentation

Afro Rojo has no fear of trying different styles!!  Afro Rojo is the Definition of Style!

Twist and Shout!

Eclectic. Respect it.



Getting that Coily ‘Fro.  I know mine is messy but that’s my style. Everybody has their own methods in using the Twist Sponge. I do need to use more product for better results. In the meantime I’m Loving my Freedom Coily Curls.




Thursday’s Special: Patulous

Thursday’s Special: Patulous

Lost in Translation


  1. (especially of the branches of a tree) spreading.




  • 1(especially of the branches of a tree) spreading.

    ‘I found him on a remote bench beneath a patulous tree’



Thoughts of Francesca

In terms of artworks in whatever shape or form it may take your art is your truth. It cannot be labeled or categorized.

For Earth Below

How far do we step inside of ourselves? Have a look beneath the skin? Is it vanity? It it a search for truth? Justice? The American Way?

I look at the work of Francesca Woodman and see I work that is an exploration in progress for self truth. A process. A work that is left undone. I do not see the genius or tragedy that is expressed and written about her work. I see a young woman, an art student in the fledgling throes of exploring who she is. I do not see a work that is complete. One’s work never is, until that time that we are no more.

The tragedy is the ways and the means of her death. A premature end to her work and exploration. Her images are her mirror. For us they are a window. From her images, we can peer into, but we cannot…

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‘The Mighty’ is not an ally

The Not so Mighty.

the silent wave

Many months ago, I came across a blog post titled “Why I no longer visit “The Mighty”.  Unfortunately, that blog post, and the friend’s blog through which I stumbled across the post, are no longer.

That’s unfortunate indeed, because the author of that post shared some excellent information.  And, regrettably, that information is correct.

Let me back up a bit and catch everyone up, for those who might (understandably) be scratching their heads right now.

Here’s what I know about “The Mighty”: it’s an online article aggregate website, featuring essays, op-ed pieces, and articles written by people with a variety of disabilities and chronic illnesses.  It spans a wide range: everything from autism to cancer to lupus to paralysis to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to…well, you get the idea.

Their “Who We Are” page states that:

We publish real stories by real people facing real challenges. We are building a brand…

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