Food Lifestyle Changes 

Healthy Food Haul


Well My Peoples I did it!! As of this coming Friday I will have gone a little over a week without eating any red meat and no pasta. Managed to limit my candy intake to the few M&M’s that Stephen shared with me, some rice, eating barley, quinoa and lentils. Small amounts of chicken or seafood. No cakes or cookies.

As many of you know who have followed my blog faithfully I am Lactose Intolerant so I never drink milk or eat ice cream. I do eat lots of yogurt as it contains Probiotics and helps my tummy.  I’m not a drinker nor a smoker so those two things were never a problem for me.  I don’t drink soda except maybe the occasional ginger ale. I only drink Snapples for special occasions as it also contains loads of sugar. Basically as you can see from the below pictures I’ve been eating lots of fruits and veggies.

Now so of you are probably thinking that what I’m eating has lots of calories but being on the thin petite side I need all the calories I can get. I will never give J. Lo, Beyonce, Nikki Minaj or the Kardashians butt/backside competition but I want to lose my gut not my curves. Not tryin’ to be a stick figure.

Baby Got Back and Hips Don’t Lie!!

Thankfully many years ago after I turned 40 I lost the thigh gap and my figure began to fill out more.  I could stand to do some planking and crunches but I’m not there yet. Right now I just want to look better in my clothes and feel comfortable.

I had to do something as my stomach was swollen as though I had swallowed a basketball. I could not ever close the snaps or zipper on the pants of my work uniform.

Built up waste inside the colon causes bloating, gas and pain. Also waste that does not pass through the colon and out of the body sets the stage for infection.

I can truly say that while grocery shopping it was hard to pass by the junk food aisle without picking up salty or sugary snacks but I’m proud to say I limited myself to a morning bagel, blueberry muffin or chocolate croissant.  I did have some No Salt or Sea Salt potato chips.  No chewing gum either. When you chew gum you swallow air which adds to indigestion and discomfort. Also gum is full of sugar or those fake sugars which are not good for you.

I did start taking a Fiber supplement called Metamucil. Felt like an old lady as I used to laugh at those fiber commercials when I was younger.  I also take a herbal supplement called Bellynator which helps with digestion.

I owe my success to changing my diet. Now the true test is keeping it up. Easy when I’m on vacation but returning to work with co-workers are always offering you food that you know you should not eat. Then if you say No some of them give you Side Eye. However some of them are into healthy eating also so I will be eating my salads and drinking lots of water.

The results have been a reduced waistline, no more stomach aches and pains plus more energy.

Moral of the Story: What goes in must come out!