A Faded City



A City on a Rock


A Faded City

Remember Ellery Queen by the seaside.

Broken shell crabs crushed under duress.

Seafood gumbo masala paella yellow rice lobster tails.

Feel the tidal wave sand sifting shifting drifting between my toes.

Sometimes in Daylight Dreams I see her rising up out of the ocean.

Pale mottled skin sloughing off water logged bones

dripping sea water

No moisture from the Celestial firmament today.

Lost. Walking along gauzy hazy streets. Everything viewed through foggy mist.

Fear. Hearing beeping honking car horns. The screech of tires. Muffled angry voices. Cursed filled dramas.  Freakishly gifted trombones and trumpets wailing blazing glory.

Medusa, Minerva and the Muses break-dancing with high pitched abandoned fervor.

Out of the ether appeared a hand which firmly grasped mine guiding me up some stairs. My clothes being removed. Hands. Warm soapy shower water. Lying on a table. Essential oils. Firm even strokes along my back.


Wound tightly with muslin. Frankincense and Myrrh.


Dulcet tones forever silenced. Quiet Melody luring sailors to an unexpected demise. Navigating cave stalactites and stalagmites. Hide and seek.

Clinking ice cubes in mason jar sweet tea.


Kilroy was Here.

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Dobie Gray- Drift away