Self Care Birthday Weekend 


This is what 58 looks like!

Digging the Blue mascara and my sculpted Afro!! Plus my Red Kissable Full Lips!! ♡♡ ☆☆

I shall refresh my Red Hair Color later and post more photos.  Also see below for some impromptu polls!

Muah! !


The Eyes have it!! Trying Out Blue Mascara. What do you folks out there think of my experiment?  Yay or Nay?



Throwback Photo from My 1970s Selves

Question for you Dear Readers, Subscribers and Followers. Which Afro do you prefer? My current Afro or the Afro I had in the late 1970s?  Let me know! Please!


Pedicure — Foot Pampering



Kool & The Gang – Celebration




31 thoughts on “Self Care Birthday Weekend 

      1. It depends on the style you are wearing but basically I like it better how you have your hair today☺ didn’t that afro you wore in the 70’s need a lot of care?

      2. No. Same amount of care as today. Actually my Dad was in charge of my hair care once he had me switch over to the Afro in 1971/72. Dad took me to the barber who shaped my Afro. Just like now as back then I wash my hair before I go to the barber. Only difference now is that I color my hair. Something I did not need to do when I was younger.

  1. Happy Birthday. You look GREAT! Keep up that pampering and I’ll be able to say that or many years. I’ve learned that maintenance is key – let it go and you’re playing catch-up forever. 🙂

    My answers NEW afro, without a doubt, and black mascara (better emphasis for your eyes). I tried it for a bit and that’s what everyone said to me – and when I went back to black I had to agree. A friend does a coat of black first and then tops with blue to “soften” the look – but she’s a blue eyed blond.

    1. Thank you very much!! Feeling the Love!! When I tell people on my job how old I am they never believe me. My co-workers think I’m playing a joke on them!! We all roar with laughter then I get lots of compliments. Despite my crazy work schedule I do attempt to eat right, take my high blood pressure medication and when the weather is good do lots of walking. In fact I did some walking today. The weather in New York has been great for the last 2 or 3 days. In the 50s and 60s. Great weather for a promenade around the neighborhood.

      Thanks for the Mascara tips. I had some Black mascara in my room but naturally now I can’t find it. Anyway I know that after a time one must throw out old eye make-up to avoid infections! Don’t want or need an eye infection! Yuck! Anyway I’m off work from today Friday until my actual Birthday Monday, returning to my job on Tuesday. So I’ll have lots of time to return to Rite-Aid or Walgreens and see their other Mascara selections! ❤ I'm so Excited!! 🙂 😀

      1. Hope the weather holds up for you and Tink to take your walk. Tomorrow here in New York it will be in the 50s but rain all day then Sunday clearing up and in the 40s which is still great walking weather.

  2. First of all, a very happy birthday to you💕You look so young I would have never believed you were 58! And I loveeee the red hair! I have always secretly wanted to color my hair red but the closest I went was just coloring one streak of my hair red lol. And I also love your blue mascara! You are quite the wild girl 😜xoxo

    1. Thanks!! I finished refreshing my Manic Panic Vampire Red hair color a little while ago but now it has gotten dark so I will take more photos later on this weekend! I’m having a great time pampering myself and taking goofy Smoochie face Selfies!! As I get older I’m getting more wild and adventurous with my look! LOL!! 🙂 😀 ❤

  3. Very cooooool! I really love the pictures of you, dad and Stephen at your graduation. It makes me smile seeing you and your family smiling and feeling contentment. It also makes me feel that there are warm hearted parents in the world, parents who support their child and to celebrate their successes! 😁 and it also makes me think back in my own life thinking of how junior high school and high school graduation should have been! 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅 great Post! Happpppy birthday! You deserved it! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  4. Happy Birthday strong and beautiful Pisces woman. I love the purple hair and I love your self-care. You earned it. I love all your afros, but I am leaning towards the one that looks like it’s in a graduation picture of some sort. Celebrate and have a good time. xo Harlon

    1. Thanks! I think maybe because I had not yet refreshed my Red Color caused my hair to look purple in the photos. I have since colored my hair back to Vampire Red and will post more photos during the weekend.

  5. Love your current hair, love the blue mascara. The red lipstick, in my opinion only, was maybe not your shade. I think you would look fabulous in a vivid magenta or a purpley burgundy, the tone of your hair is perfect so a similar tone for your lips. Irregardless beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much!! I don’t usually wear any make-up but I decided to go ahead and experiment with the “war paint!!” LOL!! I’ve been coloring my hair since I was 52 and went completely gray. Me and gray hair don’t mix!! I don’t look good in gray hair so at first I dyed my hair brown. Too bland. So I decided on Red since the Fiery Red Color matched my personality. It was a Really Fun Birthday weekend that I really enjoyed. Love making those smoochy fish faces!! LOL!! 🙂 😀 ❤

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