When I was younger my hair was Lush, Full, Thick and so Dense that if my Mom used a regular comb the teeth in the comb would break. In the 1970s my hair was proudly Afrocentric. Watu Wasuri Use Afro Sheen. Some of you may remember that commercial. Of course like most Black Women I’ve worn my hair in many other styles including straightened using both the straightening comb and chemical process, the 1980s Jheri Curl, Locs, box braids, cornrows, Bantu knots, etc… When I had my Locs they reached all the way down my back to my butt. Loved it but after a while this hairstyle proved to be high maintenance so back I went to the Afro.

However since Menopause I’ve experienced certain unwanted changes in my hair. It is still fairly thick but not as dense and the texture has become more wiry with a change in the curl pattern.  It is also more wild than when I was younger as though the hair had a life of it’s own. Well maybe it does.

The worst hair change was having my hair literary go gray overnight when I was 52. I Don’t Like Gray Hair and I Do NOT want to own it like some white lady visitor to the museum told me I needed to do. I enjoy coloring my hair Vampire Red and I know and believe I look Great with Red Hair. I get lots of compliments on my hair.  This brings me to the below video and yes I’ve had white people both male and female say these things to me at work and attempt to touch my hair.

Let’s get this straight. Never. Ever. Upon the possibility of getting slapped or punched in the face should you touch or attempt to touch a Black person’s Hair. Touching hair is intimate contact which most Black people myself include Do Not Appreciate. STOP!! No Touching! Black People are not petting zoos and I for one HATE to be Touched. If I don’t know you and you don’t know me KEEP Your Distance!! Exclusions are small children, developmentally disabled kids who have come up to me and hugged me. the very elderly and disabled people who need assistance.  These groups are okay. As for the rest of you well I can only conclude that you must but some type of pervert or sex predator.



After you watch the videos I’ve included a Slide Show of my hair over the years.


Things Not To Say To Someone With Afro Hair


13 Crazy Things White People Think About Black Hair


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7 thoughts on “Lush

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I get comments from white people who take things personally when I don’t mean it as an individual insult but as the Collective Thought process of many whites. In my nearly 60 years of living 99% of the stupid things said to me come from white Americans. However I can see that the stupidity extends to white British also. Dumbfuckery everywhere!!

      Some people want or accuse me of painting with a wide brush well if the shoe fits wear it. I’m a Rebel with a Cause!! Black Power Salute!!

      1. At my age I’ve earned the right to speak out to speak my mind. I’m not particularly concerned about losing or gaining subscribers/followers. Nor am I trying to appease white folks. Mostly I write this blog for me. Those who decide to Follow it’s all good. If they leave that’s good too. I stopped looking for affirmation or validation from people a long time ago and I never sought it from white people. I can be brutally blunt and Following/Subscribing to Blogs is like watching TV shows. If you don’t like what you read then turn it off. I’ve got a very thick skin.

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