Guest Story: A Day In The Life Of My Cats by Everydaycheerblog



Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Everydaycheerblog:

Today’s post is a photo journal of a day in the life of my cats.  They pop up occasionally in my posts, but today belongs to them.

We have two cats sharing our home: Thomas, a 15 year old white and orange shorthair, and Tickle, a 13 year old Ragdoll. At this age, they basically live to eat, sleep and cuddle. Their lifestyle is the envy of many humans.

As always, their day begins with breakfast – a moment of Great Excitement for Thomas, and a “meh” experience for Tickle, who is not a “foodie”. This is followed by making a quick inspection of their territory and then baths. In Tickle’s case, a bath and blow dry, as he sits on the heat vent so he can wash, dry and heat in quick succession. Cats are practical.


This task completed, he positions himself between…

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