Off The Wall



“Gotta leave that 9-5 up on the Shelf and just enjoy yourself.”

Spring 2018 I will put the 9-9 (my work hours) up on the Shelf permanently.  No more answering to merciless bosses and endless hours of overtime trying to make ends meet.

Looking forward to a future with limitless time for myself, my brother Stephen and my true passions in life!  More Free time to write, improve my photography skills by taking classes, and Travel!! Sleep anytime and as much as I want!  Free to meet up with friends, socialize, join a gym and pursue a fitness program.  Free to be Me!!

Off The Wall – MICHAEL JACKSON ‘1979








3 thoughts on “Off The Wall

  1. Love your take on the prompt, and a little MJ is just icing on the cake! Congratulations on your pending retirement! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors 😊

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