Meeting Notes



Well the Meeting went better than expected. Meaning I kept my feelings and emotions to myself and a civil tongue in my head.  Being quiet and only asking a minimum of questions I found out the reason why programs and services for developmentally disabled adults are going under in New York. The State meaning Gov. Andrew Cuomo has cut the budget for these services therefore there is less staff to take care of the residents/clients.  Staff are also being laid off and what few are left well you know they don’t make that much money.  As you can also expect there is a high turnover because one cannot make a living wage and it is very expensive to live in New York. Rent for a one bedroom apartment in a decent neighborhood is well over $1K ($1,000) per month and that’s not counting utilities.

For example the Arts program has been cut because there are no staff to assist the clients. Stephen likes art but when governments cut back the most vulnerable populations suffer first. With #45 Agent Orange in the White House many are thinking that we are returning to the days of warehousing developmentally disabled people like what happened in the 1960s/70s.

Think Willowbrook. Those of you who are over 50 and grew up in this country know what I’m talking about.  For the rest Google it and see how America used to treat people with Special Needs/Developmentally Disabled. Obviously the sociopath currently occupying the Oval Office is going to continue to cut funding for all disabled people. Soon only the rich and wealthy will be able to get proper care for their disabled family members. The rest of us will be out in the cold.

Before I continue with the bad news I will say that Stephen is doing well and has taken interest in a Lady from a different house so the staff arrange dates for them. Stephen has a better social life than me because nobody is interesting in dating me!  Wish I had his charisma.

Raining today in New York which means my arthritis and joint pain is off the roof. Just climbing up the subway steps wore me out.  I always have to stop or go really slow. My body feels like I’m 98 instead of 58. And I’m always tired. In fact exhausted. Also I’m starting to get more headaches.

I’m debating whether or not to go for a Vitamin treatment tomorrow. That usually helps. I guess I’d better go before the I.R.S. takes the rest of my payment by the middle of this week. I owe them money. And you know how the I.R.S. operates.

My other accomplishment for today was that I’m getting my eyeglasses put into new frames. That will set me back $150 for the cheapest frames. I will pick them up tomorrow.

In the meantime even though it is 3 in the afternoon I took some Advil PMs. Maybe then I can get some sleep. I think much of my problems come from a lack of sleep. Having insomnia means I’m always cranky, moody and upset.  Add onto that having to pull double shifts, physical problems, chronic insomnia and chronic pain, trying to be a good sister to Stephen I’m being pulled in too many different directions and my body is ready to give out.

 All I do is run around putting out fires.