Alice in Ghettoland ~~ Depending or Not!

This post is not for the overly sensitive!  This is DeBorah Raw & Uncut!  

Ladies and Gents. Boys and Girls. Welcome to another addition of Alice in Ghettoland!

If you’re a Member of the Club for the Politically Correct please turn the channel now so as not to be offended.  In Living Color ain’t got nothing on me!

Now time for still more WTF New York moments. Guy on the street corner selling adult diapers for $2.00. I declined his offer. According to the Bodega owner he had just gotten out of the hospital and was selling his Brand X Depends. Now if the hospital gave you the diapers upon discharge apparently you need them? Am I right? Yes of course I am. As Always.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Wonder bread programs.

Goodnight Children.