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The Curse of the Surreal Pipe

Adventures of the Flatulent Flaneur

Got this idea from fellow blogger Hugh’s Views & News. I followed his lead to the funky Online Plot Generator which helped me to create the following potential best-seller Masterpiece.  Found my creation so engaging that I will continue the Adventures of the Flatulent Flaneur.  This Plot Generator is a great way to bring laughter to a rough and rotten day or provide some tidbits of plot ideas should you be experiencing writers block.

Added the Ohio Players Funky Worm just for the pure joy of it. Who knows? In the next installment Radu and Tecla get their groove on and boogie with Mr. Worm!!  Stay tuned!

Here is the link to Hugh’s blog that inspired me.

Definition of a Flaneur:

If the above Surreal Pipe link does not work here is the tiny tasty gem in its entirety.

Plot Generator

The Curse of the Surreal Pipe

The Curse of the Surreal Pipe

A Horror Story
by Leda Huggette

Whilst investigating the death of a local perambulation, an eccentric Flâneur called Radu Riginalle uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed, surreal Pipe circulating throughout Brooklyn. As soon as anyone uses the Pipe, he or she has exactly 235 days left to live.

The doomed few appear to be ordinary people during day to day life, but when photographed, they look alien. A marked person feels like a Dandy Lion to touch.

Radu gets hold of the Pipe, refusing to believe the superstition. A collage of images flash into his mind: an avant garde cat balancing on a seductive perambulation, an old newspaper headline about a gas accident, a hooded tiger ranting about Breasts and a drinking well located in an innocuous place.

When Radu notices his stomach have Lion-like properties, he realises that the curse of the surreal Pipe is true and calls in his lovers, a Intellectual Nomad called Tecla Lanier, to help.

Tecla examines the Pipe and willingly submits himself to the curse. He finds that the same visions flash before his eyes. He finds the avant garde cat balancing on a seductive perambulation particularly chilling. He joins the queue for a supernatural death.

Radu and Tecla pursue a quest to uncover the meaning of the visions, starting with a search for the hooded tiger. Will they be able to stop the curse before their time is up?

Praise for The Curse of the Surreal Pipe

“This is actually pretty scary. I’ll never be able to look at another surreal Pipe for as long as I live.”
– The Daily Tale
“Oh please! There’s nothing scary about an avant garde cat balancing on a seductive perambulation. Are we supposed to feel spooked?”
– Enid Kibbler
“The hooded tiger really freaked me out.”
– Hit the Spoof
“I hope Radu and Tecla get married.”
– Zob Gloop


Searching for the Funky Worm yet hoping Not to find the Cursed Pipe!!


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Ohio Players – Funky Worm