“Quit Trying To Be A Superhero”

“Quit Trying To Be A Superhero” @DariusForoux https://medium.com/art-of-practicality/quit-trying-to-be-a-superhero-8612a1adae6

Now I will only be a Super hero on Halloween.


8 thoughts on ““Quit Trying To Be A Superhero”

    1. Only on Halloween. In real life you break down and collapse. That’s why I was confined to a mental ward for two weeks in 2015. More than likely why I had a stroke in 2008. Trying to do everything by yourself and on your own without resources or any type of support system is deadly and my body does not handle stress well. Now I’m paying a price for trying to be a Super Hero. My health will never go back to the way it was prior to all my health challenges.

      1. For me being a Superhero is more than trying to be everything to everyone 😉 Which gives flexibility, I’m a Superhero to my dog everyday, but not to my hubby or kids because they can take care of themselves. I’m a Superhero to myself but not always to the public. Think the important thing to remember is you can be a Superhero but not in a sense the world expects you to be. Does that make sense? 🙂

      2. Not sure. I’m always in a state of being overwhelmed. I guess I’m a Super Hero to my Cat. Trying to take care of my brother Stephen who has Autism plus dealing with all my health problems I have not seen any flexibility in years. I’m sure it is out there but I’m not a Super Hero to myself. Being a Super Hero is just a fun Halloween Fantasy that takes me away from all my problems for one day. Then back to reality.

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