Reciprocating Dangling Appendages



When a Male Drops his Drawers


Ah Ha! Yes SiStar When Males pants are down because it takes more than an appendage to be a real Man, Dangling Wriggling Worthless Creepy Cylinders of every length and width Cycling from womb to womb seeking caves to deposit seedling Treasures. 

Drifting Stingray pollinators

Dangling Participles in need of a phrase. Sea Snakes shredding skins daily, dipping into Lady ponds Shooting torpedoes into bulls-eye targets.  Snorkeling sea serpents never coming up for air.  Languorous Leaping Lampreys Dipping and Diving into uncharted waters


Searching for wanting empty chambers reciprocating Opening internal-combustion engines, firing pistons, pumping, compressing brain cells for greed.  Igniting formerly rusting cob webbed abandoned caves into Turreted Gabled Victorian mansions


When Males pants are down wriggles and writhes moans and groans jump about like a tasty worm on the end of a sharp hook.


Ready to hook and reel in that unsuspecting woman in with charm, grace and a few slick lines. She letting her guard down chomps on the poisonous bait only to be hooked by the Snake!!