Thirteen Reasons Why I’m Happy

Thirteen Reasons Why Challenge



  1. I’m Alive. I woke up this Morning.

  2. I’m in reasonably good health.

  3. I have a job with wonderful co-workers and supervisors.

  4. I have a nice place to live.

  5. I have food to eat.

  6. I have clothes to wear.

  7. I’m Blessed to be the Sister of the Most Awesome Autism Guy in the World My Brother Stephen Vincent Palmer.

  8. I served my country and am a United States Army Veteran

  9. I was able to earn my B.A. in English Literature

  10. I’m in my right mind. At least most of the time.

  11. I Live in the Greatest City in the World the Big Apple aka New York City.

  12. God made me a Beautiful Dark-Skinned Black Woman.

  13. My God given gifts/talents for Writing and Photography

  14. Bonus Blessing my cat Sylvester.