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We pulled out of the Paris Accord, a decision which may be the worst ever by any American president. No one but our Republican party fails to believe in the changing climate.

National Geographics map

The good news is that this pulling out on the part of the United States is not really going to change anything.

Coal is not coming back. We would all like the miners to have jobs, but they aren’t going to be digging a lot of coal. There’s a simple reason: coal isn’t clean and people don’t want to breathe it in or have it hanging in the air. They have been closing coal-burning power generators including two this week and this isn’t going to stop. Coal is dead. The miners really are going to have to find another way to earn a living. This has happened to many people including me and my son…

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Thirteen Reasons Why I’m Happy




Thirteen Reasons Why Challenge



  1. I’m Alive. I woke up this Morning.

  2. I’m in reasonably good health.

  3. I have a job with wonderful co-workers and supervisors.

  4. I have a nice place to live.

  5. I have food to eat.

  6. I have clothes to wear.

  7. I’m Blessed to be the Sister of the Most Awesome Autism Guy in the World My Brother Stephen Vincent Palmer.

  8. I served my country and am a United States Army Veteran

  9. I was able to earn my B.A. in English Literature

  10. I’m in my right mind. At least most of the time.

  11. I Live in the Greatest City in the World the Big Apple aka New York City.

  12. God made me a Beautiful Dark-Skinned Black Woman.

  13. My God given gifts/talents for Writing and Photography

  14. Bonus Blessing my cat Sylvester.