Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind


Wednesday evening on the C train riding home from work

The creepy uneasy feeling you get when a big overgrown palooka with three shopping bags sits next to you on the C train. He tries to catch my eye. I knew what he was doing but refused to look at him. Another member of the Lunatic Fringe. I scrolled to a photo of my Dad on my cell phone hoping he would think that’s my boyfriend. Then the seat across from me becomes vacant. He plops his Jabba the Hut butt on the seat and gives me a smile. I gave him a very weak smile in return but continued to listen to my music.

After a while Mr. Doofus began laughing at some scene taking place outside on the platform probably known only to him because the other passengers on the train did not turn to look. Probably a ploy to engage me in conversation. Wide open laughter. Bad teeth. Snagglepuss. Him need dentist badly. However praise be to the subway train gods he got off at Jay Street Metro and lumbered his big red suede shoe wearing hippo pot ass off into the maze of commuters. Whew!!!! Bye. Bye. Blubbermass!!


Calling All Dentists! Please move to BodegaLand. There is an epidemic of dentally challenged toothless men wandering the city desperately in need of Dentures or Tooth Implants!
Subway Etiquette
If space on the seat is 12 inches and your butt is 24 inches wide stop tryin’ squeeze your fat ass into a seat space not meant for big booty people!!


Brooklyn Go Hard Morning ~ Raunchy, gritty, grungy, hardcore, dirty, filthy, artsy-craftsy, petal soft primal woodsy, wild. Designer baby strollers, Citi-Bike riders, health food buyers, vegan organic garden juxtaposed within a few blocks of BodegaLand wilted fruit, shrunken veggies, seven churches on one block, artery clogging foods, liquor stores, Loosies, shopping cart pushing poverty stricken poor beings hustling up another meal from the local food pantries. The B25 Bus will take you to all worlds in one short ride.

Bumble Bee Buzz Razor sharp concepts ideas, plans, exciting, off the chain, rose scented thorns up your crazy cool a$$ fantasy, all the way live, drama, Elegance, earthy, witty, Wow! The Borough of Kings filled with Queens. City of Dreams. Poems and Schemes. Living the Grind to expand my mind. Peace out!!!!!!!!!

Brooklyn Evening Downstream Rush
Brooklyn ~ Land of Drama and Dreamers, Hipsters, Hucksters and Healers, Shirkers and Workers……


4 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind

  1. I always have a hard time sitting next to big booty people. They always seem to seek me out! I a normal slim built man. I have no problem fitting into those seat depressions with room to spare. I’ll never forget the time a woman who seemingly fit into the seat next to me, but rapidly expanded into my seat area and beyond within 3 stops. I couldn’t understand it. The further we went, the wider her booty got!

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