“What We Lose When We Choose Youth Over Wisdom in the Workplace”

“What We Lose When We Choose Youth Over Wisdom in the Workplace” @askpang https://journal.thriveglobal.com/what-we-lose-when-we-choose-youth-over-wisdom-in-the-workplace-4fd64484bb19

Let’s Disrupt-aging and the surrounding myths. People over Fifty have a lot to offer and can make significant contributions to the workplace. 

6 thoughts on ““What We Lose When We Choose Youth Over Wisdom in the Workplace”

    1. Thanks. True. I’m in my 50s & lucky to be working as a museum security guard. Obviously I am over qualified but after fifty employers won’t even consider you.

  1. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by wise & loving
    elders who impart so much knowledge & compassion on
    a daily basis, just as we learn from the generation coming
    up now. We learn from each other, as we are in it together.

    We do not have room in our world for ageism or most of the
    other isms in fact. People are multi-faceted & dynamic putting
    boxes & limitations sadly only puts them around oneself.

    1. This is true but as far as American employers are concerned Baby Boomers like me are out and the Millennials are in. If a potential employer or the Human Resources dept sees that your Resume goes back to the 1970s (which mine does. I’ve done a variety of jobs) immediately you are labeled as a dinosaur and your resume winds up in the trash. Don’t be Middle-aged and out of work in the USA. Being over 50 is not a desired trait for American companies. They want Youth not experience.

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