Stephen at the Queen’s Special Olympics many years ago

My brother Stephen who has Autism at the Queen’s Special Olympics many years ago.

It used to be held at St. John’s University in Jamaica, Queens.

No more. Those opportunities are long gone. Stephen Loved earning his Medals. He was proud of his medals and would wear them for several days in a row.

What happened you might ask? Budget cuts are what happened. Loss of funding means loss of opportunities for those who have Autism or other developmental disabilities. However through your donations you have the Power to change this picture for Stephen and others like him.

Those of you who have been following my Blog Posts over several years know about my Autism Activism and Dedication to the cause. I have spent months calling politicians, Elected officials, Community Leaders, etc….

Along with representatives from Queens Centers for Progress which is Stephen Group Home we have been up to Albany to meet with lawmakers. I’ve protested, Marched and demonstrated in the freezing cold to get funding returned to those who need it the most.

My brother Stephen has and always is my #1 priority. I put him before all my Needs, Dreams, wants, desires and wishes. That will never change. My Life is totally devoted to advocating not just for Stephen but for every disabled person in my Community.

Please give.

14 thoughts on “Stephen at the Queen’s Special Olympics many years ago

  1. You’re awesome! As a dad to an Autistic son, I’ve advocated, called, protested, and had to put up with countless hours of paperwork in quadruplicate for waiver he’s on…every damn year. If not for those who advocate for them, they’d just be left to fall through the cracks. Thank you for fighting the good fight. 😃💪🏻

    1. Thanks for your comment. Like you said every day is a constant battle against the government that’s supposed to be helping disabled People.

      So far at age Sixty I’m in good shape. But I do worry as we both age if I will be able to do and keep going. I wonder what will happen in ten years when I turn 70. Every day I pray God my strength. I Love my brother Stephen very much.

    2. Thinking back to a previous Blog Post from last Year called Pause for Thoughts the Mother of a 14 year old Son who has Autism told me a similar story. How She has to fight with the Board of Education, School teachers and other bureaucrats in order to get Her Son what he needs. Our government puts families and caregivers through hell.

  2. It’s amazing how country after country suffer from the same problems. Here, there is nothing for persons with special needs at all. Let’s pray for a better future.

      1. Yes. When it comes to developmental disabilities it happens to families and loved ones in Africa, America and Great Britain. I’m extremely grateful and Thankful for David Snape who is a young man with Autism who works his job, has his own Radio show, Podcast and Blog. With all this David and his girlfriend made time to do the Autism Walk in his City of Bourne, England.

        I do my best to read his Blog and Listen to his Radio show. He encourages me.

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