Right on!! Definitely On Point!! I am a Christian but I believe these Right Wing Evangelical Religious Nutters will be the downfall of our great country. Experience speaks for itself.


I keep reading the same crap. Why is this so hard to understand?

So you believe term-limits will solve our political problems. Why would you think that? Are “old timers” in congress the big problem — as opposed to the bloated egos and narrow minds of those you voted for? How about those inexperienced, right-wing religious nutters? The Tea Party crowd? They were recently elected , have no understanding of how government works, and care nothing for the American people. Look how much they’ve fixed everything. Yeah, that went well.


Exactly what problem do you think you solve by making terms shorter? Will that attract a better quality of candidates for office? Will it convince people to vote for better candidates? Doesn’t this past presidential election prove that people will vote for a bad candidate even when all logic and reason should tell them he or she will not to serve their interests?


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  1. WONDERFUL article – thanks so much for bringing it to my attention by reblogging. (left longer comment over there)
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

      1. Yeah – but I almost hate to find another great blog anymore. 🙂 I can barely make my way ’round the ones I already read regularly.

        I do believe I’ll have to make an exception for hers, however. Thanks again for bringing her to my attention through a reblog.

      2. I know the feeling. When I woke up Friday morning I had nearly 300 emails!! Some were junk but many were the various blogs I subscribe. But as time goes on I’ve culled and weeded out those that I’m not interested or are no longer a good fit for me. After all I still work a full-time job plus trying to keep up with my own blogs!! Definitely a challenge!! 🙂 😀

      3. I hardly EVER “follow by email” – 1 or 2 exceptions only. If I can’t find you from the WordPress Reader, then I’ll visit when you remind me by visiting me.

        I just cannot manage all the eglut anymore. I don’t even have time to cull as you did. I don’t know where 2/3 of this “important message for you” stuff originated to begin with!! (yeah, sure they don’t share your email!)


      4. I must admit since I shop online many of my Inbox overload comes from clothing and shoe companies!! After I pay my rent and bills then I do a little retail therapy! So much of my Eglut is my own fault!! As for the political emails I think that comes from the small donations I made to Obama and Bernie. I find myself on lists for politicians outside of New York!! My Gmail address certainly gets around more than me!!

      5. My Yahoo is the same – my gmail is supposed to be a secret known only to a very few, but millionaire wannabees seem to be finding me even there. Every week, between the two addresses, I must delete – literally – thousands of marketing-spam missives I didn’t ask for and do not want!

        I traced a large number of them to LinkedIn connections. 😦 For a while I’d get off somebody’s daily “important reminders” list, only to have their crud pop back up shortly thereafter. So I’ve long since stopped “friending” anyone over there anymore and rarely visit.

        At least I can visit the bloggers I want to read at times I’m not already online intending to do something else, and they wait quietly in their little patches of e-universe until I can drop by, happily chatting with others.

        I hate to open the door to my virtual living room only to find it full of strangers who all want something from me – time or money (often both!) 🙂

      6. Yup!! This G-World E-World is a Hot mess!! I have not looked at my Yahoo account in months. In fact I pretty much stopped using it over a year ago. Yahoo seems to get lots of security breaches but I saw that it was starting to act crazy long ago so I just left it in limbo. By now there are probably thousands of unread emails loitering there. Taking up space. But since they are junk emails they shall remain unanswered.

      7. I keep Yahoo as a “sludge” account too – tho’ I do use it when I’m forced to leave an email address simply to do something else I want to do online. I keep an eye open for a day or two following, then try to get off the resulting list immediately! I’ve learned that’s when it works best.

        I also send from yahoo when I need to respond but don’t want my secret address known because I don’t know if I can really trust the person with it yet

        ADDers have a higher than average oops rate – NOT that they mean to, but “so sorry” doesn’t really clean out an email box. For a while I felt like Alice at the tea party: n-e-x-t place setting please!

        I learned to sort of hide and watch first when a former email address got posted on the ‘net in response to “Does anybody know how to reach mgh?” (oops – so sorry, I forgot).


      8. Whoa!! Not an Alice in Wonderland moment you’d want to repeat! Ugh! I can see why you must guard your inbox. Perhaps it’s best to lurk and listen. Nobody wants a deluge of crazy emails.

      9. Mine stays in the trashcan in the lobby (unopened), starting with anything that doesn’t get my name right — and you’d be surprised how many different versions marketers can come up with!

        When I was in NYC, I somehow got on somebody’s snail-mail list that sent regular form letters starting with, “Dear Black Executive”. Well, I’m practically pasty white and I was a young and struggling actor at the time, so I have NO idea!

        Even my “nose-bleed” upper West ‘nabe wasn’t a gold mine for black executives – most folks of any color or nationality were struggling to make ends meet.

        That one always gave me a giggle as I tossed it, however.

      10. LOL!! Well that gave me a giggle. My museum which shall remain nameless is located on the Upper East Side which is the Gold Coast of New York. Very few if any Blacks live there. Most Black people are in service jobs Nannies, Delivery people, Door men or like me Museum Guards. Even the ritzy restaurants Don’t Hire Black Servers and any Blacks who work there are relegated to the kitchen or cleaning detail. Basically this so-called Liberal neighborhood has the values and morals of 1940s/50s America. I’ve been a Museum Security Guard for 9 years. Eight years on the day shift where I was called everything except a child of God until last year when I switched to the Late Shift. Less interaction with the crazy, rich, wealthy, elitist 1%. Still since my shift begins at 4:30 pm I must deal with the public for the remaining 45 minutes. Still my interactions with the Gold Coast are the same as when I worked days. They look at me and treat me as though I’m their personal servant. Many times I gotta put them in Check. Gotta remind them that Aunt Jemima don’t live here anymore. As my Dad used to say, The More things change. The more they stay the same. Sigh……..

      11. Sad to read – but that nonsense is the reason I avoided the East Side above 59th whenever possible, even back in the days when I lived in Manhattan.

        Snobby always sticks in my craw, but rude and nasty makes my blood boil! I can seldom keep my mouth shut about it, which never helps, and sometimes makes things worse.

        I follow a great looking grad student who waits tables – hilarious posts, well written. From her blog’s vantage point it doesn’t look like a racist thing as much as rude, entitled, and nasty about it. “I have money, you have to work – so that means I can order you around because there is nothing you can do about it if you want to keep your job.” Where would they be if all the “lowly service folk” walked out on them?

        So sorry EITHER of you have to deal with crap. (lol re: Aunt Jemima)

      12. Same here. That makes two of us. However since I do need to keep my job many times I must bite my tongue. But I do draw the line at jackasses who want to violate the security rules of the museum, men who get way too close and those who have a strange fascination with Black hair/skin. I don’t allow strange men to touch me but I can’t tell you how many times white people whom I don’t know want to touch my hair and my person. Last month this older white man at first complimented my hair which was okay but then he began to get uncomfortably close to examine me as though I was a specimen under a microscope. I kept backing away. I’m never really sure if these people are just racist or rude.

        I wear a uniform that covers me from my neck to my feet and countless times rich white men have propositioned me while I’m at my job. One guy even said I should return to North Carolina with him and be his sex slave!! Had to throw him out of the galleries and remind the other wealthy perverts that touching me is out of the question! All I could do not to smack the living daylights out of these nutcases! Then there was this really raggedy looking filthy white guy who assumed I was a drug dealer and that I was selling drugs inside my museum workplace. I told him in no uncertain terms that he better get away from me and out of my galleries before I call the supervisor and make a complaint. I don’t understand why these stereotypes of Black women still exist in the 21st Century and how come certain whites feel they can say and do anything to Black people especially women. Actually I can include my Asian co-workers because they too complain about white males touching them. If you wondering how these freaks get inside the museum well I work for a public museum and as long as they pay even a penny they can come in which they believe gives themselves license to start trouble particularly with the female guards.

        Thank you for the insight on the High end restaurants. There is a high end ritzy restaurant located within my museum workplace and I notice that virtually all the servers are white with 1 or 2 Asian staff. The folks in the kitchen are Hispanic and the night time cleaners are African. Just wondering if there is another reason for this that I might be missing. I highly value your opinions. Many Thanks.

      13. Nope – I think racism about hits the nail on the head.

        It’s sick and it’s sad – and I don’t know what it will take to end it. It’s been around since long before Shakespeare’s time, but he said it well out of the mouth of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice: Act 3, Scene 1.

        Replace “Jew” with any stigmatized population and “Christian” with any oppressor.

        “Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”

        EDD: Empathy Deficiency Disorder. THAT’s what’s wrong with these idiots! But “revenge” will only keep the dynamic in play, of that much I’m certain.

        Otherwise, I have more questions than answers.

      14. Amen to that! Even though I may get angry I don’t believe in taking revenge. The only time things got real ugly is when a crazy white former co-worker attacked me at work. Then I had to defend myself. I like living. Other than self-defense I try to live a quiet and peaceable life.

        Seeking revenge just makes the situation worse. Of course in my mind I’ll go through various scenarios as the Nubian Ninja via writing and photography help balance my system. Also I believe there is a Bible verse that says, Vengeance is mind says the Lord. My parents used to say that “God don’t like ugly.” I think that was there way of saying that the Lord will take care of the evil folks sooner or later. If not in this world then the next one.

        Thanks for the Shakespeare passage. As an English major I adore his writings.

      15. We have that in common – I was a theatre major/English minor – and Merchant is one of my favs.

        And yeah – I imagine all sorts of revenge scenarios too, before I take a deep breath and respond as appropriately as possible, in alignment with my true values.

        LOVE “God don’t like ugly.”

      16. I use my “no feedback feedback” – sort of a vacant stare – right in the eyes.

        lol – great song to keep in your head. Love the little guy singing it too.

        I read that some famous face or other cocks her head to the side, thinking “bite me” – and that helps her stay calm before responding. 🙂

        Heading off to bed shortly, I believe. Mind weary more than body tired. Long, troublesome day, actually.

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