October Fall Foliage Walk in Central Park



Here I am the Black Fran Drescher with my nasally New York voice narrating today’s walk through Central Park.  Did not know I sounded like Fran Drescher because well, how often do we listen to the sound of our own voice?  Anyway as you listen to me narrate the joys of NYC’s Central Park know that I will never be asked to do Voice-Overs unless it’s for some type of cartoon or dorky video game!! LOL!!  🙂   😀



26 thoughts on “October Fall Foliage Walk in Central Park

  1. I loved our October walk through Central Park! The inline skater, pretzel guy, and that French singing……ah, yes. It was a lovely walk, DeBorah! See you later.

      1. Well actually I’m scheduled to do a Breast Cancer Walk with my union next Sunday so let’s see if they allow me to video. If I get permission I will upload it to YouTube and share on both my blogs.

    1. No I’m not as bad sounding as Fran but close enough! At least I don’t sound like the Bowery Boys/The Dead End Kids from those old-time 1930s/1940s movies! My New Yawk accent! Gotta Love it!! 🙂 😀

      1. Funny!! When I first started visiting my cousins in Dayton, Ohio I thought by the way they spoke that they were from another planet. “I’m fixing to do this…. or I reckon I’ll do that….!!” Say What?!! Midwest and Country. Yes my Mom was from Dayton also but my Dad was Rex Harrison to her Eliza Doolittle therefore Mom was not as steeped into the dialect as her Ohio family.

      2. Ah, the Midwest…I can recognize someone from “Wis-CAHN-son” when they first open their mouths!

        Love the dialects from different parts of the country…amazing that my Alaskan inflection was noticeable to people in the Dakotas, but they didn’t sound strange to me. It’s all in the eye / ear of the beholder, I suppose!

  2. I very much enjoyed the walk and listening to you describe what you saw there in the park. It is a lovely park, so green! You have a wonderful speaking voice! … Question…do you have to have a youtube channel/site to post a video to your blog? Is that hard to do?

    1. Yes I do have a YouTube channel under my name. Was easy to create because all my photos and videos go to the Google cloud. When you click on Upload videos in YouTube it asks you whether you want to upload from Google. Then it goes to a menu of all your videos and you select the ones you want to upload. YouTube gives you the option to name your videos, add keywords and fix the shakiness.

    1. Thank you for walking with me. I read some of your story. Please try the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities as well as any other social service organizations or nearby churches. God Bless. My heart is with you.

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