Lack of Trust


For me in terms of my personal experience Trust must be earned not given. I suppose because I’ve been in abusive situations my ability to trust humans has eroded over time. I no longer have faith in people like I once did and mostly keep to myself. The amount of lies and falsehoods folks tell is amazing. That’s why I don’t usually get involved with groups, causes or anything where I’d have to rely on other people or get involved in situations where I’d have to ask for help.

Nor do I like or enjoy going to any type of doctors. The only reason I’m engaging the medical profession now is because I’m in extreme unrelenting physical pain. Unfortunately in order to continue functioning in close to a normal manner I must allow these quacks to ponder, poke and prod me, fill me with pills and do who knows what else.

My Life experiences have made me a Loner, A Solitary, a type of hermit where if I did not go to work I’d have little or no interaction with human beings at all.  Most people are fakes and phonies only out for their own good with an agenda. Makes me quite happy to be in a relationship with me, myself and I.

As I know this controversial post will elicit judgmental negative comments and based on my past experience with spammers, flammers, hackers and stalkers and for my own health and safety I will Close Comments.