Defiant DeBorah

Test Pattern

Back in the day very few TV channels/stations broadcast 24/7/365.  There was no Cable TV or home satellite dishes in the 196os or 70s.  My family and I watched television shows on an old vacuum tube black & white RCA Magnvox TV!! No color TV either!!

Everything shut down for the night and you went to bed. If you did stay up people actually spoke to each other face to face and sometimes played cards or board games. Or you put some records on the Victrola and danced. Yes Millennials, We Baby Boomers actually knew the art & craft of interacting with one another on a one to one basis. You were expected to have real conversations with each other minus devices!! We could not hide behind cell phones, laptops, iPads, PC notebooks, Gameboys or Playstations because none of those things were in existence.


Riffing on It’s After 10 pm.

It’s after 10 pm. Do you know where your children are?  Do you know where you are? Have you been kidnapped by aliens?

Test Pattern 1985 Part 2




TV sign off