Old Tyme Family Photos

William Henry Halstead Tombstone
William Henry Halstead Headstone ~ Sleepy Hollow

These are some some Old Tyme Family Photos mostly from my Dad’s side of the family some of which date back to just after the Civil War.  The photos cover both the 19th and 20th Centuries.


Rosalie Palmer My Grandfather’s Sister




Shout Out to fellow Photography Blogger Cee Neuner!!


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19 thoughts on “Old Tyme Family Photos

  1. oh WOW!!! You are so lucky to have those photos. Marvelous. Do you know any of their history’s or just photos. I unfortunately just have a few names and the photos. I’m going to see what I can dig up.

    1. My Grandmother Eva Gordon Palmer put the names with each of the photos except the tin type one. She probably put that name also but maybe it either wore away or came off. Most are my Grandma Eva’s people. She was a Gordon. One photo is of my Grandfather’s sister. I cannot say I know their individual histories. My father, aunts and grandmother have long since passed away so their is nobody to ask. My cousin in New Jersey has the family Bibles but I’m no longer in contact with her so I just have the photos as historical points in time.

      1. Thanks Cee! It is nice to have those “Moments in Time.” One does get a sense of history and each family members’ individual pride. It must have been a big event to dress up in one’s Sunday Best take the bus or subway to the photo studios (Harlem) and pose. I enjoyed your family photos as well. Please share more as you go along. 🙂 ❤

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