Rain Salutations


I usually don’t like rain. When it rains I’m normally doing everything I can to stay dry. Today was different. When I got off work it was drizzling but I still stopped to chat with my girlfriend who works the 4-12 Midnight shift. Surprisingly the rain was quite comfortable but since I was carrying bags I just got on the bus to the subway then onward towards my home in Brooklyn.

When I got home I realized that I did not have anything to drink in the fridge so back out into the rain to my local bodega for liquid refreshment. Once home into the shower, quaff my tasty Chocolate Ensure, change clothes then I decided to go into! the backyard for a few minutes of Rain Salutations in the gentle soothing showers.  I just stood outside feeling the raindrops splashing my skin. It would have been nice to sit but all the lawn chairs were wet.  So I did a few stretching exercises extending my hands and arms to the Heavens. Refreshing!

One of the many great advantages of naturally curly kinky coilly hair is that I don’t worry about my hair getting wet like I did years ago when I straightened my hair or had perms in my hair.  If you’re a Black Woman No Explanation is needed. You know exactly what I mean!  🙂

As you can see from the Weather Link it is warm in New York. Trust me when I say I will not be doing this when the temps in New York drop below 40 degrees or when it starts snowing!! LOL!!  🙂    😀

Here is today’s New York Forecast for Brooklyn.








17 thoughts on “Rain Salutations

  1. That does sound refreshing, to let the raindrops splash a little on you. … You mentioned chocolate Ensure? Those are really good, aren’t they! 🙂

  2. I like standing out in the rain sometimes…the feel of raindrops on my skin is refreshing!

    LOL – I don’t worry about my hair getting wet anymore, either…I know what you mean, there! I went fully natural in 2009, and wish that I’d done it sooner! Damned corporate environments, though – they have no problem with white people’s “shit-locks,” but get offended over nice Bantu twists or elegant, well-cared-for dreadlocks! Go figure.

    1. Thankfully I’ve worked for Non-profits for many years so all types of hairstyles were accepted as long as you were neat and clean. Same at my current workplace the Museum. As long as your hair is neat, clean and not dyed some weird color it’s all good. There is no reason to come to work looking like a reject Smurf/Smurfette or a Looney Leprechaun!! LOL!!

      I went Natural permanently sometime after 1995, maybe 1996. Obviously from my 1970s pictures you can see that I was Watu Wasuri Use Afro Sheen! LOL!! Anyway by the time the 90s hit I was in my 30s and my hair began to rebel against perms so I Loced my hair. I still remember my Mom saying, “Deborah When are you going to do your hair?” My reply, “Mom it is done.” 🙂 😀 Eventually she got used to my locs and accepted them. She was born in 1930 from the straightening comb, press & curl generation. She had seen me in every type of hairstyle from Afros, Perms, Jheri Curls and finally to Locs. Only wish she were alive to see me now with this Red Afro. I’m sure Mom would get a kick out of that!! 🙂

      1. She would certainly get a kick out of it – you rock it well!

        Afro-Sheen…oh, yes! I used to use that on a regular basis as a teen; loved the scent and the way it made my hair feel nice and soft – when I was a kid, I used Dixie Peach!
        I ‘ve only used a relaxer very few times; same with the hot-comb – the rain and humidity in southeast Alaska made it impossible, so I just quit bothering with those things. Hot oil, now – loved using that!

      2. My Mom used Dixie Peach and Ultra Sheen for straightening my super thick tresses. I still remember my Dad saying, “Mable are you about to start burning hair again?!” Mom’s answer Yes! And with that my Dad went out the door to avoid hearing my Mother yelling at me to bend my head so she could get to my “kitchen.” Every Saturday evening me crying and my Mom Screaming. Oh the Theatrics of it all! Just to look good for Sunday School the next day! LOL!! 🙂 😀

      3. LOL – oh, you know it! Getting my hair combed was a daily scene…screaming and crying included! Thick, unruly tresses never wanted to be tamed by anything…I think that a person’s hair has the personality of the head that it grows from!

      4. Yes. A former supervisor who has since retired used to say of my hair Wild Hair, Wild Woman. He was not far off the mark. My hair is still wild and crazy but Thanks to menopause not as thick or dense as it used to be. When I was a child my hair was so thick that my Koily Kinapps regularly broke the teeth out of many combs. I think my Mother was glad when Dad finally put his foot down and decided I was going to wear my hair in an Afro. No more Screaming Saturdays and my Mother could get her rest and relaxation since the barber shop visits and my hair care were transferred to Daddy!! 🙂 😀

      5. I’ll have to look – I’d love to have one, if only for nostalgic reasons…I should buy one for my son, too – his hair is just like mine, LOL!

        I see many in pictures of my mom and aunts…love them! Got a couple photos of my younger brother playing drums, with the pick sticking out of his hair – great memories!

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