Fifty (50??)


I have to admit that when I first saw this writing prompt I had no idea as to how to respond. After all 50 had no special meaning for me. Both my brother Stephen and I had turned 50 several years ago so no more decade celebrations until we turn 60.


Fifty. Fifty. Fifty. I pondered it for several days. The rapper 50 Cent?! Naw! That’s not my type of music. 50 as a speed limit? Nope. My driving days are long over. I thought about approaching Fifty from a physical, health or medical standpoint but who the heck wants to read a post about all my aches and pains plus the joys of menopause?!! Whining, Complaining, Bitching, Moaning and Groaning! Not!! Nobody! No Negativity!!

Then I read a post from another blogger that I follow who explored her friendship with an elder woman of her church. Now I’m not a church goer but working in a museum I do see, meet and speak to many older people. Two chance meetings made an impact upon me.

The other day while working in the Old Masters galleries I met and enjoyed chatting with an older couple. They were just so delightful and totally in sync with each other. Holding hands. Laughing. Joking and just enjoying the Museum. Sharing insights about the paintings.

The gentleman told me he was 85 so I inquired as to how long they had been married. His response, “Oh We are not married. We are dating!!” Of course imagine my embarrassment, surprised then happiness in knowing that the need for companionship and Love does not decline or leave with age.

People of all ages need and want partners. Just being around them, seeing them hold hands and find joy and Love in their 80s, well I suppose there is hope for a jaded, hard-nosed, cynical non-romantic like myself!! LOL!!

The previous encounter occurred when I was working one of the entrances and I was posted near the elevators. An elderly woman in a wheelchair sported a jaunty hat saying, “Happy 101st Birthday!!”  How jolly I thought and I immediately greeted her and congratulated her on reaching 101! She was really excited! She took my hands and spoke some heavily Eastern European accented words that communicated her joy and happiness in being surrounded by her family and friends who took her for a birthday tour of the museum. That wheelchair was not a hindrance or something to be despised but a moving Throne. Her Cadillac, BMW or Mercedes from which she surveyed her Queendom and greeted all her Royal subjects. I was brought up to respect and honor my Elders so I was glad to pay homage to this Queen on her special day!

Given the fact that my brother Stephen and I are always dressing up in costumes, especially for Halloween, clowning around and are generally in touch with our inner child I do hope we live a long time in good health and able to enjoy life well into our senior years.

Now I don’t know if I’ll begin dating or live to be 101 but I was just so elated and buoyed by these older folks approach to life!





19 thoughts on “Fifty (50??)

  1. A really beautiful and relaxing enjoyable post to read, I love the two scenarios you wrote off, both illustrate the old fashioned way of looking at life and appreciating a special moment in that life.

      1. So funny! Did you say that in your post? I totally missed that. Well, Happy Early Birthday and in February I will say it one more time!! (Maybe next August too) 🙂

  2. what a cute video – and the two stories were enjoyable – In Florida we saw elderly folks date – but none in their 80s -:
    so that was extra fun!

    1. Stephen Thanks you. His birthday was in May. That’s my room-mates arm you see swinging in the video. I do believe Stephen enjoyed our off-key singing of the birthday song and even more so the delicious chocolate cake! LOL!! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Today is wonderful! I’m off Sunday/Monday. My work week starts on Tuesday thru Saturday! Today I’m relaxing and getting some chores done. Also deep conditioning my hair. Gotta keep my ‘Fro Afrotastic!!”

      1. No. Many of them have already retired or are much closer to retirement than me. When you’re in your 50s or 60s you take things one day at a time while praying you actually make it to retirement. Sadly some co-workers died before reaching that point. Also many of us including myself have had either heart attacks or strokes. I had a minor stroke in Nov. 2008 so I don’t take anything for granted. Whether I live to reach retirement is in God’s hands.

      2. I understand that…every day that we wake up is a blessing – that’s what my mom says. She has had 6 strokes now, including a minor one last week. She’s doing well, and is in a rehabilitation / hospice facility for the next 2 or 3 weeks…I’m glad that she’s getting good care.

        “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why its called the present.”
        (unknown author)

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