Dating and Cigarettes


Dating and Cigarettes for me is a non-negotiable. If you’re a smoker don’t even look my way. Bad breath. Yellow teeth. Stinky hair and clothing. Ugh!

I hate cigarette smoke as it aggravates my allergies. Many years ago when I used to go out to clubs and bars (Ladies Night Out) I’d always have to wash my hair and shower when I got home because my hair and clothing reeked of cigarette smoke! Yuck!! Ugh!!

New York City has banned smoking in most bars, restaurants, clubs, cultural institutions, etc…. but you still must negotiate city streets populated by dedicated smokers who must light up despite knowing that smoking will eventually kill them.

Unfortunately a day at the park can be easily ruined once a smoker sits in your vicinity and decides to light up. Then you have to get up and move because your air space is being violated!

On one note I do think it is an addiction because my Dad started smoking when he was 17, quit at age 50 but still died at age 65 (stroke & cancer).  That was back in 1995 when he passed away. Now the price of a pack of ciggies is sky high. I believe almost $20 per pack but loyal smokers don’t allow the high cost to deter them. In my low-income neighborhood you can get “loosies.”  Or buy them in bulk from Indian reservations.

As for me I stay as far away as possible from smokers as is humanly possible. I don’t date guys who smoke either because they are like walking foul ash trays.  Plus I don’t want to be any man’s nurse. I’m not about to be pushing your around in a wheelchair or watch you gasping for air from an oxygen tank all because you refuse to take care of yourself. If you’re overweight, out of shape, smoke or drink Go Look for a Nurse/Undertaker because you will surely need one in the few years you’ve got left on the planet.

10 thoughts on “Dating and Cigarettes

  1. I hate smoking. I don’t care hot ‘hot’ I think the guy is, as soon as he pulls out one of those nasty things, all chances are lost. I’m not interested! Yuck!

  2. I’m the exact same way – smokers, stay away! Both of my maternal grandparents passed away fairly early (grandpa at 58, grandma at 62), due to heavy smoking habits, so that family history is enough to make me steer clear of cigarettes.

    My son picked up the habit for a time – not sure where or who from – but he quit last year, mostly…he still does the ‘vape’ thing, but I’m hoping that he quits for good!

    1. Those e-Cigs or vapes seem to be popular among the younger folk at my job. As for me I tried smoking cigs when I was young and almost choked. Now I did dabble in the wacky tabaccy aka Mary Jane when I was in my late teens early 20s but I dumped that habit after a while also.

      1. LOL – I tried smoking cigs at 11, when all of my friends were doing it (of course), and got dizzy and nauseous so never tried them again.

        Mary Jane, on the other hand, is a close acquaintance of mine…no excuses to give, either – I enjoy a puff about an hour before bedtime! Helps me get relaxed and sleep easier.

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