Talking About a Revolution

This will be your opportunity to disengage, change the channel or leave the building. I know I’m gonna lose a lot of subscribers/followers with the following post but I don’t care. 

More Legalized Lynching!! On my way back from the annex building to the main building my co-workers and I suddenly became part of the Black Lives Matter march/demonstration along 5th Avenue. Despite the sadness and anger all races were there for the demonstration, mostly young people but Black, Brown, white, Asian. Everybody is disgusted. Yes they stopped traffic but those cars did not honk their horns because they knew. We all knew. For if this evil continues we will be judged and the judgment will bring condemnation and ruin to the oppressors!!

My co-workers & I all being Black and Brown people were caught up in something powerful. Since I am old enough to remember the Civil Rights movement being enveloped in the demonstration brought back memories and ignited something within me.  I still recall my parents talking about lynchings happening during the 1960s. Seems like we have not progressed. No change!  History is just repeating itself except this time the police are militarized against Black People.

The song Talking about a Revolution by Tracy Chapman is on replay in my head.

Some fling in Black Folks faces All Lives Matter fully knowing that in this racist, bigoted American society that is not true. How many times have you heard or read about a Black officer shooting innocent white citizens. Name them! Can’t can you?  So All Lives Do not Matter.  Stop the Bullshit.

The murders of our Black Brothers occurred around July 4th so-called Independence Day. Independence for whom? That document meant nothing to Blacks captured, kidnapped and enslaved in 1776 and means very little to or for Black Americans today unless we force the issue. July 14th 1789 is Bastille Day, France’s Independence celebration. What did the French people do to their oppressors? Well as history has recorded the elite, the monarchy, the oppressors met their deaths via the guillotine. No I’m not condoning violence, war or uprisings but their is little choice for Blacks in America. Very little choice. We cannot stand idly by while our fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, sisters, etc…are killed by KKK/Nazi demonic cops!!  Would you allow your family members, your people to be used for target practice? No! I don’t think so!!

The officers killed in Dallas were really killed by their demented fellow cops who have been on a murder spree to annihilate Black people!! What did you think the response would be from people who are fed up. Protests, marches & demonstrations are great! Yes! Voices must be raised but as the French people did during the French Revolution, during WWII, the slave insurrections in America, the Native Americans who killed the settlers invading their lands, and every other oppressed peoples they fought against organized genocide. They fought for the right to peacefully exist in a nation hell bent on their destruction.

Read your Bible. Especially the Old Testament. The Battle Lines have been drawn.

Tracy Chapman — Talkin’ bout a Revolution

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    1. Yes. All the evil is about to bite America right in it’s ass. The NRA thinks we should all have guns well now many Black people are fed up knowing we cannot get justice in the courts so that only leaves one alternative. We’ve reached the breaking point after seeing so many of our Black men used as target practice by the cops. Now the real war begins.

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