Barbarians Real and Imagined

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A guide to debunking ‘black-on-black crime’ and all of its rhetorical cousins

My mood is still somber. Even with the joy of seeing my brother Stephen on Friday to attend his progress meeting in the back of my mind Stephen even though he has Autism would just be a target to a white cop. A reality that was always there but now has smacked me dead in the face has set into my soul.

For the majority of white America seeing Black Men shot dead in front of their wives and children or watching those children sobbing with grief is just entertainment. They have the option of turning the channel and going on with their lives.

For me it’s personal. It could be my brother. My cousins. My friends. My co-workers. Or it could be me. Remember Sandra Bland.

There is nothing United about these states. No unity whatsoever. Yes we did have that very brief time of unity during 9/11 but as quickly as it came it just as quickly faded away with Black Americans once again being under attack.  For the first time in my life I am ashamed to be an American. Shame and regret that I served in the military for what I thought was my country. Harsh realization that my military service in the U.S. Army from 1977-1981, my Dad’s Air-force service during the Korean war and my Great, Great Grandfathers service during the Civil War was in vain and meant nothing. They were not seen as valid Americans nor am I and especially any of the men in my family.  America reneged on it’s promise.  I actually considered getting my old Army uniform out of storage so I could either burn it or shred it.

I dare say basically to the rest of the world Africa, South America and Europe even with all their problems, America conducts itself as a nation of Barbarians. America. The Shining Example of Democracy?!!

White Americans before you say that All Lives Matter and we are all God’s Children where is the hue cry from white people against innocent Blacks being gunned down or choked by sadistic white cops!! Why aren’t you storming your local police stations and demanding equal treatment for Black people? I see none!! Is that because much of white America sanctions this type of violence?! Or is it the attitude as long as it does not come to my house I’m okay.

Friday attempted dialogue on Facebook with a white female blogger who is a photographer in California. I explained to her that there are no instances that I recall of Black Policemen gunning down innocent white American citizens. Whites have no Murder Roll Call as you see below. Since I had to attend my brother Stephen’s meeting I left the house not knowing what she was putting on my Facebook page. When I returned she had left a litany or ignorant, racist, bigoted, biased comments however one of my Chinese co-workers lowered the boom on her and gave her a verbal tongue lashing and body slam. Not with cursing or foul language but with knowledge, education, and understanding of Black history that was remarkable in one so young! This young Chinese woman was Dropping Jewels on her left and right. Well this white woman never thought she would be challenged especially not by a Chinese woman and she immediately Unfriended me for which I was grateful. I also made sure I Unsubsribed to her blog. Believe me when I see my Chinese co-worker in the locker room on Tuesday I will give her a big hug. She is my Shero!!


In the last ten years think back on all the mass murders committed in the United States. The vast majority committed by crazy angry white men. Now for the most part excluding the ones who killed themselves these madmen were peacefully taken into custody despite that fact that they had just murdered dozens of people. Including the nut who murdered nine Black parishioners in a church!! Not even safe in the House of God!  But again this psycho was arrested so he could be held for trial.

What appalls me is that my generation the Baby Boomers were once on the Vanguard of change, equality, equal rights, & civil rights but some of us have sank back into centuries old paradigms and thinking that race equals value. Meaning one of the white race has more value and rights that one who is Black. This saddens me greatly. On the other hand the Millennials ~~ white, Asian, Hispanic for the most part Get it! They will far surpass the Baby Boomers! The Millennials by working collectively with Black Lives Matter and other civil rights organizations are sounding the Clarion call for Justice.


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White America should Donald Trump become president in November and fulfill his promise to Make America White Again. Should he enacted policies to expel or exterminate all Blacks, Browns, non-Christian and/or non-white Immigrants from our shores…..Tell me. Where will you be?






14 thoughts on “Barbarians Real and Imagined

  1. Once again Thank you for your comments. You have hit on many excellent points. I found myself nodding my head in agreement. I did not get to mention in my previous comments that in college I did an extensive research paper on “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift. My studies included research on the absentee English landlords/land owners, the restrictions on the Irish farmers and the resulting Irish potato famine. Later I discovered the Gullivers Travels was not meant to be a children’s story but a political critique of the Irish/English situation. I also have Native American heritage in my background and studied Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, The Trail of Tears and various Native American cultures while in college. Native Americans really got the shaft. Not only were they slaughtered and exterminated through disease, starvation and murder by European settlers they lost America which was their country to begin with. Only recently are some tribes reclaiming their cultures, religion, traditional faiths and unique rituals, rites & traditions. Much appreciation for your comments.

    1. You’re very welcome and I appreciate the discussion very much. Your research paper sounds very interesting to me. Thank you for that bit of information about Gulliver’s Travels. I never knew that about it! I will read it with new eyes now.

      I agree completely about the Native Americans getting the shaft. They have been unfairly treated all around, no matter how one looks at it.

      Have you heard about the Native American code makers and code breakers of World War II? I believe they were Apache and it is an awesome story!

      One thing that makes claiming our Native American heritage somewhat difficult is that many tried to hide their race to avoid mistreatment. So, the paper trails are not there to officially claim our places on the tribal lists.

      I am also of the mind, and maybe wrongly, that the potato famine was engineered purposely to get rid of the Irish. Personally, I believe that it is possible and even probable. They tried to “cleanse” us every way they could. Some groups of people aren’t happy unless they are taking away from others.

      Thank you for letting me speak my mind here. I appreciate it. I hope that you have a beautiful day. 🙂

      1. Yes I have heard of the Navajo Code Talkers. The Axis powers were unable to understand or decode their native tongues thus helping America to win WWII.
        They served proudly only to be forced back to the reservations and often lives of poverty. That part is very sad. That’s what I mean when I say my Army service meant nothing because their is no recognition or validation. And as a Woman Veteran our service has even less value. Here is a link for the Code Talkers.

      2. Thank you for the link and for the correction. Sometimes I’m doing well to remember my own name. 🙂

        David and I watched a documentary on this a year or so ago and I thought it was great that they were able to do this. No one else could do this. I agree; it is very sad the treatment they have received.

        I think as a whole, women are often left behind in some areas such as pay, regardless of race. But, I also don’t think knocking men out of everything is the way to fix it either. It seems that is often how it is being handled. It is hard to make the argument for equality when the standards are not equal between the genders in some instances. We just need to get to a point of being able to see past the differences and worth with them.

        Even though this isn’t a happy subject we’re talking about, I have to tell you that you mentioning women veterans brought a smile to my face. You made me think of my cousin (but I called her aunt because she was wayyyy older than me!) who was in the WAC during WWII. Her name was Rose. She got these awards: G. Cond. M., VM, Amer.. I am assuming the first to mean Good Conduct Medal, but I am unsure what the other two abbreviations mean. Do you know?

      3. I have a Good Conduct Medal, an Overseas Service Ribbon and the others I don’t remember. Not sure what your Aunt’s medal designations mean. That’s definitely a Google search. I suspect as time moves on some of the names for the medals and ribbons change over time. As far as gender equality well that’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax and a separate blog post. One that I will save for the future. However there are now more websites and services for Women Veterans. A Google search should reveal those also. Which brings me to a funny or not so funny story. I remember a few years ago when I was still attending church on a regular basis I went to a Sunday church service that was on or around Veteran’s Day. Well the Pastor asked all the Veterans in the congregation to stand so I stood. With shock and amazement he said We have a Woman Veteran!! Guess I am an anomaly due to my gender! Anyway after he got over his surprise he ask fellow congregants to greet us, shake our hands and Thank us. I served with the 569th PSC and 101st Airborne Division, however I was Chairborne not Airborne!

      4. Happy to have been Chairborne. Actually I’m afraid of heights. Having ridden in an Army Helicopter, C 130 & C140 Army Airplanes that was enough for me. As for kids all my children have been fur kids. Never married or had children. Happily single for Life! Me and my cat Sylvester get on very well. And of course I’m devoted to my brother Stephen and he will always come first.

      1. I appreciate that you posted it – I’m getting all sorts of troll posts from people that I considered acquaintances, but I can’t say that I’m surprised…it is what it is.

      2. Sadly situations like this brings out the ugliness inherent in people. I’ve had similar issues on Facebook. This is the dark side of America that has come out in the open.

  2. I thought about what you said concerning prayer, the Bible, Dr. King etc…. I do notice this is what most white people bring up. Seems like all the forgiveness, prayer and so-called healing has to come from Blacks none from whites. However I reject this. I admire Dr. King but he too was executed by a white man. I think for me personally all the Love, allegiance and forgiveness has gone out the window. I believe Blacks have the right to defend themselves against trigger happy white cops. After all that has happened I no longer have loyalty or anything approaching allegiance to America because I realize I’m not really part of this country, people who look like me are not wanted and that I may as well break all ties to this land. If I am able to save up enough money to take my brother and leave here I will build a big bonfire for my uniform and my medals. Not that I celebrate July 4th. I don’t. But now I will no longer be able to celebrate Veterans Day in good faith because I served a country that hates Black people. Those are my final thoughts on the subject.

  3. One last word on the subject. There is no “We.” There might be you and me or us and them but there is no We. Until I see white people collectively marching and demonstrating in front of their local police stations against police brutality there will never be a We. Once whites get up in arms against senseless murders committed by white cops then maybe there will be a We. In the meantime pulling Jesus out of a box and continuing to demand that Blacks submit will never work. I’m operating under a different belief system and I fully intend to move forward with that. Again Thanks for your input. In your way you have enlightened me.

  4. Afrika Bohemian

    I have seen very disturbing images of people acting like Barbarians and terrorizing others in the media and I agree completely that yes black live matter. I like how you say “I dare say basically to the rest of the world Africa, South America and Europe even with all their problems, America conducts itself as a nation of Barbarians.” It is interesting how we in Africa have always been painted as the uncivilized barbarians even when I as a 31 year old African have never witnessed war because they have never been any in my country, I have never seen a murder, never even seen a real gun before or heard a gun shot sound. What is happening in the US is wrong and someone has to account for the massacre, my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones. The time for change is now and I do hope in end the good people wont be silent and the struggle will yield fruits

    1. Yes the way We as Blacks especially Native Africans have been characterized as Barbarians even though we weren’t the ones to murder the Native Americans or kidnap Africans from Africa to enslave them in this so-called Land of the “Free” gives one pause. Perhaps my brother and I should move to your country in Africa. We might be safer.

      Obviously being a Military Veteran I have not only seen but used weapons which was in accordance with being in the service but sadly I’ve had occasion to not only see but hear gunfire going off constantly. Guns, Violence and brutality are an UnWelcome part of the American Landscape. Here in New York City yesterday one of our major newspapers headline was a Caribbean nation telling No Urging Black Men from the West Indies NOT to travel or visit the USA. Sad. Our Legacy to Black people. After the last two murders of Black Men by Police I’m actually considering saving up enough money to leave America along with my brother. Basically police here use Blacks for target practice. This is NO way to live.

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