Stephen’s Picture/Photo Collage




The Finished Photo Collage. 90% Stephen and 10% Sister DeBorah!! Hooray for Stephen!!

Given the opportunity people with Autism can express their Creativity in unique ways. Some like Stephen’s friends and fellow consumers in the AABR Choir have magnificent voices the bring happiness and joy to those who hear them sing.

Stephen enjoys Art and even though the Art program at AABR has been eliminated due to budget cuts I will continue to bring art into Stephen’s life by taking him to various New York City Museums (Our Favorite is the Brooklyn Museum) and purchasing art supplies for him so we can do our artist thing when Stephen comes to visit me.


8 thoughts on “Stephen’s Picture/Photo Collage

    1. Yes 90% Stephen. I did help because he cannot use the scissors to cut out the pictures or photos and I showed him how to use the Glue Stick. Gave a little assistance with placement but that’s it. Stephen got free reign to use his discretion. He likes for me to participate so I stuck a few pictures on also.

  1. You tickle my creative heart, DeBorah! Isn’t it sad that funds are cut for the arts? I’m so happy you make sure Stephen is able to express himself this way…and I just love the collage! Hope you are well and the summer is being kind to you ❤

    1. Thanks. As we all know our government does not care about us and in particular disabled people. Those of us who are Woke can clearly see the direction the govt and our country is headed. When Stephen is with me I do everything possible to encourage his artistic talents. This week I’m on vacation. Then Sunday August 13th it’s back to the plantation. This is my last vacation for 2017. Nor do I get off Holidays even major holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. I’m just a Wage Slave. Next year if all goes well I will retire and get my life back.

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