Pizza Moments 

Well Stephen was not thrilled with the Honey BBQ Wings from Checkers so then I had to find some other food that Stephen would eat. Many thanks to Grub Hub. 

Stephen is a very discerning selective Autism Guy when it comes to food. Therefore I wind up eating food he won’t eat. Sigh…  Let the fat begin. 

Believe it or not Stephen stripped his pizza slice of the chicken and spinach topping but at least he’s eating the naked slices.  LOL! ♡ ☆ 

Weird Restaurant Device 

This weird and strange machine was on our table. Apparently the device serves no purpose as I paid the bill without using the puzzling dinner companion. 

There was a warning on the back of our electronic dinner guest that the device will not operate outside the restaurant. 

Who would want this thing? I tried picking it up and nearly strained every muscle in my poor arm!

Meal Time Fun at Applebee’s 

Stephen and I enjoyed delicious food at Applebee’s on Fulton Street, Brooklyn. Stephen ate all his ice cream dessert but only ate part of the brownie. I think that the brownie was way too sweet for his taste. Sugar overload.


Stephen sporting his Baldy haircut courtesy of Fabulous Mel the Barber



Stephen enjoyed his burger and fries and I enjoyed my shrimp and fries.