Reduction in Blog Posts


Well folks my health and financial problems have finally caught up with me. Despite all the affirmations and positive thinking today my cell phone got cut off. I let the Director of Stephen’s program know that they will have no way to contact me possibly for weeks or months. I also let his Group Home Residence know that they will not be able to get in touch with me for a while. I’m sure that they will do a good job of caring for him until I can get myself together.

Lesson learned is that no matter how many good positive thoughts you think, no matter how many affirmations you make reality cuts in.  I’m now forced to admit that my situation is beyond my control and there is nothing I can do to make it better.

I will still try to submit some blog posts but I can no longer do what I was doing before. Plus I will not be able to catch up or read your blog posts as frequently. That includes responding to comments.

Given my dire circumstances I guess this is an enforced blogging break.  Anyway I just wanted to Thank everyone for their encouragement and support.

Maybe next year 2018 will be a better year. In the meantime Life goes on.


God Bless.



Calling out the hypocrisy of some liberals. Undercover racists aka Liberals.

As an African American Woman I’ve been on the receiving end of these condescending attitudes. I work as a Museum Security Office and my workplace is located on the Upper East Side a supposed bastion of Liberal Progressive thought yet when I worked days (I now work nights) I can’t even begin to tell you how many white Liberals thought I was a drug dealer, white men approached me thinking that somehow despite my uniform that covers 95% of my body that I’m a whore/prostitute then there is that unnatural fascination with my natural hair. I wear my hair in an Afro. I’ve had to warn these closet racists not to touch me, go get my supervisor or a male guard when they start propositioning me for sex and finally I’ve had to throw them out of my galleries for indecent language. Old stereotypes die hard. Many of my Asian Women co-workers also get hit on. These rich, wealthy trust fund babies are just as bad if not worse than Southern Rednecks.  I guess Liberals thought by voting for Obama that freed them to share their perversions with Black & Asian Security Officers.

Glad I now work nights. I see less of these smarmy disgusting people.


I had a major battle on Amazon about a book I said was racist. A lot of people said “No, it isn’t. The author is an avowed Boston liberal.”

I’m sure he said he was and he probably believes it’s true, but he wrote like a racist. Every time he mentioned someone of color, he referred to his or her color.

Tears never ran down their cheeks. The tears ran down their black cheeks. The didn’t have hands. They had brown hands or black hands. Not once were the Natives of the region — somewhere in or around Guiana, I think — ever mentioned without in indicating their race. Their name might be forgotten, but never their race.

That is racism. Call it whatever you like. It is what it is.

Passive? Probably insofar as those who feel that way rarely attend racist rallies or carry fascist flags. But these…

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