Halloween costumes Campaign 

Greetings everyone. Happy October. I love October because I get to celebrate my favorite holiday which is Halloween. 

I always buy Stephen a Halloween costume but last year I began buying extra Halloween costumes because many residents don’t have families to buy them Halloween costumes. 

This year my overtime money will once again go towards Costumes for the residents and I’m doing a Halloween costume campaign for both AABR & QCP Bellerose.

If you would like to donate Adult size Halloween costumes here are the addresses. 

QCP Bellerose

249-10 Grand Central Parkway 

Daniel Wieder Campus 

Bellerose, New York 11426.


161-06 89th Avenue 

Jamaica, New York  11432

Stephen and I Thank you as do all the residents and clients of AABR & QCP BELLEROSE. 

Halloween costumes 2016

Stephen’s Picture/Photo Collage




The Finished Photo Collage. 90% Stephen and 10% Sister DeBorah!! Hooray for Stephen!!

Given the opportunity people with Autism can express their Creativity in unique ways. Some like Stephen’s friends and fellow consumers in the AABR Choir have magnificent voices the bring happiness and joy to those who hear them sing.

Stephen enjoys Art and even though the Art program at AABR has been eliminated due to budget cuts I will continue to bring art into Stephen’s life by taking him to various New York City Museums (Our Favorite is the Brooklyn Museum) and purchasing art supplies for him so we can do our artist thing when Stephen comes to visit me.


More Calls for Stephen


I did get a positive response from Rep.Tom Suozzi who represents Stephen’s district of Bellerose, Queens. Today I made a call to Congressman Gregory Meeks of Queens. Even though others may think my efforts are futile or may laugh at me I will continue to call as many elected officials as possible. I cannot give up on Stephen. I Love my brother Stephen and would do anything for him.

Restore the programs and services that have been eliminated from Stephens Group Home Residence and Training Center!! Hire more trained staff and No More Layoffs! No cuts to Medicaid! Everyone out there please call! Your Calls DO matter!! If we deluge Our Elected Officials with phone calls, email messages, texts and visits to their offices they must take notice!! No more apathy! Get Involved!!

I encouraged Rep. Tom Suozzi to visit Stephen’s Group Home Residence located at Bellerose, Queens. To Come see the wonderful work QCP does for developmentally disabled adults. Also visit AABR located in Jamaica, Queens which does an excellent job of educating and training adults with multiple disabilities. Plus to Bring as many Congresspersons, Senators and other Reps.  Perhaps if our Elected Officials see the faces of the people who will be affected and are affected by budget cuts and possible loss of Medicaid their minds can be swayed.




Stephen is a Mighty Autism Warrior.  How about you?  Please let me know which elected officials you contacted in your area and their response. (This only applies to U.S.A. residents)


#AutismLivesMatter    #Autism







Yesterday I went to Stephen’s Bi-Annual meeting at AABR. Of course Stephen is doing excellent in his program and continues to progress however because of budget cuts and New York State’s refusal to increase funding to agencies/organizations like AABR All the Art Programs have been eliminated and Stephen’s job program has been greatly reduced.
Stephen gets a sense of purpose from his work but because there is not enough staff to accompany him to his job site he cannot go to the various workplaces in Queens that give him so much satisfaction.  We can no longer rely on government funding to fill in the gaps.
I am providing a donation opportunity. Please help developmentally disabled/Autism adults. For those of you who belong to or regularly attend a House of Worship/Church please consider sharing this appeal with your Pastor/Rev & Congregation.

Thank you for donating to AABR.


Foray into Forgiveness


For the last couple of Fridays I’ve explored the topic of Forgiveness. I did enjoy Forgiving Fridays and sharing regarding this subject. However as I run the risk of being a hypocrite I cannot continue to post about Forgiveness when I cannot Forgive.

Today at 11:00 am I have a meeting at my brother Stephen’s Day Treatment Center. The managers and directors at AABR are wonderful. See last Friday’s post. The staff at AABR has been consistent and professional for the last 30 odd years. I think they do an outstanding job in training and developing the skill set of developmentally disabled adults.  They are Wonderful!!

The problem lies with Stephen’s Group Home. Stephen has lived there since 1989 and things were going well until the last two years. Since the managers are incompetent and unprofessional. This has resulted in arguments, screaming and shouting matches between myself and those in charge.  The current Residence Managers deliberately say and do things just to annoy me.

I’ve reported their behavior to the Director and Executive Director without satisfaction. Unfortunately I still must deal with these idiot managers and I can truly say I despise and loathe them. They irritate me and don’t seem to understand the concept that I have a full-time job that requires me to work long extended hours of overtime. They call me for ridiculously stupid reasons.  And don’t call me for more serious ones.

Last year they persisted in giving Stephen worn, torn clothing some of which was not his despite the fact that for each home visit Stephen has with me I buy him brand new clothes. Finally in January of this year I had a face to face meeting with the Director of his Group Home and had the opportunity to look inside Stephen’s dresser and armorie which were full of brand new clothes. Why they send him to me with ripped and torn clothing well I don’t know.

For those of you who have been following me for the last several years you already know that due to a stroke I no longer drive due to vision problems which I won’t rehash. That’s why I cannot get to Stephen’s Group Home and there are no buses or subways that run out there so I’m effectively shut out. You also are familiar with the trials and tribulations that I go through doing my best to care for my brother even to the point of neglecting my own health and welfare.

I have tried to forgive them but then they do something else to annoy me. You’d think that people supposedly trained in the care and treatment of adults with Autism would do better but that is not so. I’ve had to report them several times and have filed numerous complaints. If my own health was not so precarious and I had access/money for lawyers I’d transfer Stephen but I don’t have those options.

I’m looking forward to seeing Stephen but not to seeing or speaking with his Group Home Managers.  I get No cooperation or understanding from them. They disgust me.

No these morons will never hear or see my forgiveness in this lifetime or the next.

I’m not going to entertainment comments as this is an upsetting and emotional issue for me and they already upset me yesterday calling me for a dumb reason asking me questions to which they already knew the answer.  I was abrupt and hung up on her.

I know some people will try to engage me on this issue in future posts but trust me when I say I’ve already exercised all my options even to the point of contacting the Congressman for Stephen’s district.  Therefore I’m not taking suggestions or advice. Usually once I make up my mind and make a decision I stick with it.

However next year when I retire All Hell is gonna break loose for them. They just don’t have any idea of the upcoming storm.

Now off to battle.  So much for my relaxing weekend.