Curlfest 2017 ~~ Prospect Park –Brooklyn NY


Curlfest 2017 ~~ Prospect Park –Brooklyn NY


A Celebration of Black Women. Black Culture and Black Hair in all its Glorious Forms and Textures!!

Black Girls Rock!

Sisters and Brothers, Welcome to Radio Station W.E.B.B.

We Enjoy Being Black!


Ladies and some Gentlemen from across the Diaspora to Celebrate the Beauty and Intelligence of Black Women.  Representing Africa, America, and the Caribbean. A salute to All Shades of Black and All African textures! We gathered once again in Prospect Park located in Brooklyn, New York not only to dance and get our groove on but to support Black business and Black Entrepreneurs.

Here are some Highlights from today’s event!!  ❤




Spike Lee was in the House!!


Fun in the Sun!!



On the Way there!!


Arrival and Let the Fun Begin!!  Wobble Baby! Wobble Baby!! Wobble Baby!  Wobble!!



13 thoughts on “Curlfest 2017 ~~ Prospect Park –Brooklyn NY

    1. It is huge! Every year I come in one entrance and then when I get ready to leave I wind up leaving from a totally different one!! As many of the Ladies on the way to the Venue said, “They sure do make sure that you get your exercise!” One has to do quite a bit of walking once inside to get to where Curlfest was being held but it was worth it. I had a blast! Even in all the heat I danced. My feet are killing me but you know I’m gonna do it again next year and if they had Curlfest twice a year I’d be back!!

  1. What a wonderful event! I remember your post about this last year! Thanks for the videos, they were great, and I appreciate you taking us along. … Your dress is so pretty! Hope you were keeping cool out there, looked like it was a hot day! 🙂

  2. I LOVE this DeBorah. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I used to live 2 blocks from Prospect Park. You look radiant, and what a celebration. God bless everyone who participated, and big smiles and hugs from Los Angeles.
    Love xo Debbie

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