No Time for Recovery



No Time for Recovery



John McCain’s Surgery will be covered and he has enough money to stay at home as long as he needs to recover. I had to come back early when I had a minor stroke in Nov. 2008 and again returning to work way before I was healed from my retina surgery in Jan. 2010 because I could not afford to stay home. What a difference.  Also my health insurance did not cover all my health expenses, surgeries or the cost of EMS transporting me to the hospital so last year I filed for and received Bankruptcy.

Declaring Bankruptcy was one of my best decisions. It was physically impossible me to work enough hours of overtime to pay all the bills incurred from being ill and losing time off from work. At my age I’m not going to make any major purchases like a house (I would not live long enough to pay off the mortgage nor am I physically capable of maintaining a property) a car (I no longer see well enough to drive)………  Even now I avoid doctor visits and renewing my high blood pressure medication because I cannot afford the co-pays. Yes I am the Working Poor. I work overtime however the basic necessities are going further away.

To this day I still suffer the effects of my stroke but I know I must work because for me there is no such thing as a prolonged respite.  No extra money. No support systems. No resources. Nothing.  For me and millions like me the choice is either to work or starve and be homeless.

To quote one of my co-workers. “That says it all. In a more just world, McCain and all of his Republican buddies would be forced to go on private insurance plans and told what will and won’t be covered etc…..”


However even in the midst of being broke I still plan to retire next year mostly because of health reasons. My situation is up in the air but whatever happens….happens.

Wherever I’m meant to be is where I will be.  One thing I’ve learned is that you might think you have control over your life and circumstances but you really don’t.  All it takes is one tragedy or one traumatic experience and your life is reduced to the domino effect. I also recognize and respect my limitations.  Getting in all my fun now. The end of this year is going to be really rough.  That’s why I’m preparing myself emotionally and mentally for the upcoming storm.

The Republican/Conservatives who dominant the Oval Office, House, Senate, Congress etc… will never have those issues. They are all millionaires with Free Health Coverage with access to every good thing that Life has to offer.

Real Life.  Tough Choices.


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  1. This is really well written. I wish you could send it to the people who make these choices for us and have them care enough to make changes so our medical needs are met without us having to work through illness and sometimes declaring bankruptcy because of lost wages. I do hope retirement brings you a bit of freedom next year my friend. 🙂

    1. Well I won’t be totally retired because I will not be 62. I will still have to get another job to maintain myself until I do turn 62. My choice is either to work or be out on the street. It’s not just me. Many people at my job at least those who are guards or custodial cut short recovery and recuperation time periods because we need the money and cannot afford to be out of work without funds for a long period of time.

      1. I totally get it. Where once people in our age group thought we would retire at 65 and be okay, not wealthy but ok; those dreams are not reality for many of us.

    1. Like most Americans forced out of the workforce due to illness/disability I will become a Fringe Dweller. Just living on the fringes of society. When the rent goes up at the end of the year at most I will only have a few months before I’m forced to move likely into a less desirable neighborhood. However as long as I have some place to live with heat and hot water I will survive. I always thought my retirement years would be better but time and chance happen to everyone. Best to Accept and Adapt.

      1. sharonduerst

        I’m still fixing my mind on a miracle tornado of thought change and action to sweep over those who are collecting $ for their ambitions and not service! Sending good thoughts your way⭐️

      2. sharonduerst

        It is a tough dialog we are having. Harsh choices with heavy consequences. We need a national mindset of healthy practices and treatments of health challenges and research into all kinds of healing! I pray for sane solutions! My mom fought Lupus and other health problems all her adult life so I know how complicated and challenging all can get! ❤️

      3. Thanks. Yes I agree with you 100 %. Last week I wrote three posts about how funding for my brother Stephen group home and training center is being cut. Stephen has Autism. The programs and services at his Group home Residence are being eliminated and staff have been laid off at his training center.
        I have been calling as many elected officials as possible to get more trained staff and to reinstate programs and services for developmentally disabled people.

    2. Here are the blogs I wrote about the subject regarding the massive layoffs and cuts in programs and services to my brother Stephen’s Group Home Residence and Training Center for people with Developmental Disabilities. When you have time please call your elected officials to stand up for our most vulnerable populations. Stephen does not have conversational language so I speak for him but I need others to also make phone calls. Thanks.

    1. In previous blogs I discussed how the programs and services for my brother Stephen are being cut. I wrote two posts last week about how I’m calling elected officials trying to get funding reinstated.

  2. Isn’t that one of the most ironic headlines…
    Those people making the rules, they just don’t get it. In DC everyone is so consumed by status, power, and shows of wealth. They are jealous of those who have more, and disdain those who have less. It disgusts me.
    Twenty years ago I was just divorced, had a job that barely paid more than minimum wage, and couldn’t afford the insurance. I broke my ankle. I taped it up myself and wore a high-top tennis shoe as a “boot.” I couldn’t afford medical treatment.

    So years later, I had a coworker who had been Federal throughout his career. Everyone thought he was an inspiration because despite years of muscular dystrophy, he drove himself to work every day. They disregard the fact that before he left home each day he took a cocktail of at least 6 prescription meds (he showed me the list) before *getting behind the wheel*! He had wonderful insurance paying for all those prescriptions, and frequent medical treatments.
    Then we were at a group lunch, facing the window in a comfortable restaurant. This “inspirational” man — made fun of a homeless person who walked past the window, heading to the public library for a bit of shelter. That may be an extreme example, but it’s so typical of the mentality I see each day. The executives have no concept of daily life for workers in lower pay grades. They certainly have no empathy or respect for those who have nothing.

    I apologize for the diatribe. You wrote a fine post. And through it all, you shine, DeBorah. Shine on, my friend. Hugs.

    1. Thanks for reading. I appreciate you. When you get a chance please take a look at the Blog Posts regarding my brother Stephen who has Autism. Recently during progress meetings at my brothers Day Treatment Center (like a school) I was informed of massive staff layoffs and elimination of programs and services for developmentally disabled adults all due to cuts in funding. I am trying to get these programs and services restored also to make sure that Medicaid and SSI are not destroyed by trumpcare. Medicaid pays for Stephen’s doctor visits and medications and SSI pays for him to be in his Group Home residence. Here are the blogs I wrote about the subject. When you have time please call your elected officials to stand up for our most vulnerable populations. Stephen does not have conversational language so I speak for him but I need others to also make phone calls. Thanks.

  3. “Wherever I’m meant to be is where I will be.” Well-written but sad post and I’m sure others are facing this horrible reality with you. I am in Canada so I don’t know how much I can influence anything over in the US but this really isn’t right!

    1. Thanks. Me too. I have good health insurance since I belong to a Union but God forbid if I need to go Out of Network. Then I’m screwed. We all need FREE Health insurance! ♡ ☆

      1. Yes! At least a catastrophic plan so that the medical emergency doesn’t send us straight to bankruptcy. And all politicians should be held to the same options and requirements they enact for us 😁💟💜

      2. I respect his wartime service and the fact that he was a POW.
        I hope that he can beat the cancer and motivate other Republicans to give All Americans Free Universal health care.

      3. Thanks. I served during peacetime, after the Vietnam War. I saw what those Veterans went through. I consider myself Blessed in so many ways. Senator John McCain made sacrifice and lived to tell the tale. He is a Hero.

      4. Oh wow 💚💙. I have only heard the stories. I worked as a waitress in a VFW many moons ago, and got to know many WWII and Vietnam veterans; I’m not sure if I knew any former POWs, though. Some probably were but never talked about it 💜. My grandfather fought in Germany in WWII, in the Battle of the Bulge, and he never ever talked about it. I think it really affected him. Although he served voluntarily, he did not enjoy doing what he had to do. All he knew was that Hitler had to be defeated. My grandfather was such a dear, sensitive man. He was full-blood Cajun, and very intuitive. I think you would have really liked him 💟💟.

        I agree with what you said about John McCain 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💗

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