The Allegory of the Cave ~~ Plato


The Allegory of the Cave ~~ Plato


The Allegory of the Cave came to mind this morning as I was thinking about people’s responses to my calls to our elected officials. The compliments made it seem as though I was doing something out of the ordinary. Something exceptional. Something Amazing. Yet what I do for my brother is not.  Not only what I do for him but for my friends and co-workers in the fight against abuse and bullying. I am not brave nor do I possess courage or any outstanding qualities. I am Not extraordinary.  I am Not remarkable.

Then again most Americans are caught up in apathy. They feed off the Kardashians and other Reality shows. Or they are a prison of Shondaland. If you live in the U.S. you know which TV  programs of which I speak.

You know something?  In the final analysis it won’t be #45 aka Agent Orange, the Republicans or the Conservatives who bring about the destruction of America or its imminent collapse. It will be the apathy of people who refused to get involved. Also the stupidity of people who refuse to face or believe the truth even though it’s right in front of their faces. Those who watched others suffer and said to themselves, My little world is okay. It’s not my problem.  Yes they will say that until the day tragedy strikes them or their loved ones. But then it will be too late.

It won’t be Nero who fiddled while Rome burned it will be Americans mesmerized by the Idiot Box aka TV, Reality Stars, Sports figures, Entertainers, etc…..  The media, false morals, and society are doing a good job of keeping many transfixed on mirages. Worshiping  people whom none of us will ever be like and you certainly won’t have their money or fame.

The way I figure things are going I’m gonna go down fighting. Owning nothing. I am nothing. Therefore I have nothing to lose.  Those who leave and step out of the Matrix risk death. As for me I made my peace with God months ago.


I am Not a hero. A hero is just a sandwich. Now chew on that.











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    1. Thanks. Sad but true. By the time most apathetic Americans wake up everything they value will be gone and #45 aka Agent Orange and his crew/squad will have the last laugh.

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