Stephen and The Titanosaur




Possibly the Ancestors of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Stephen said this was a Moose. Therefore in his Autism Wisdom it is a Moose. Probably one of Bullwinkle’s ancestors.

Here is how one of the most Awesome Autism Guys in the world, (My Brother Stephen Palmer) spent part of his 56th Birthday Celebration. Stephen will greet you all during my Dinosaur discourse.


7 thoughts on “Stephen and The Titanosaur

    1. Maybe if it existed now we could send it to Washington, DC to eat #45 aka Agent Orange occupying the Oval Office making hard working innocent folks lives miserable!! Also I wish it would eat all the Congresspeople and Senators who refuse to support programs & services 4 Families and folks with Autism!! Crunch! Crunch!!

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